Anyone who considers himself a victim shall not be rich

The whole world is not the first year is read tips on ways "for all" to financial freedom and wealth of the books by Robert Kiyosaki, the most famous of which is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

Their general meaning is simple: Anyone can become rich, you just have to change their usual setting and mindset. In Russian literature of this kind invariably meets both ardent fans, and not less zealous opponents who are convinced that all this applies "they," and we have a special Russian conditions!

But even so, and others, in spite of our special conditions, if not wealth, financial freedom you really want. Therefore, try to look at what he says Kiyosaki, cash flow, and what a good judge of those who have these flows something ... Well, pathetic streams.

Why can not I get rich, quit his job?

Most Russian readers of the books by Robert Kiyosaki learned: to become rich, you have to stop working "Uncle" and start making something of themselves. With the implementation of the first part of this postulate is usually no problem. But the second ... In general, some or stuck in the middle: the work was thrown, and start their own business have failed.

If you read the book Kiyosaki carefully, we can see: to begin the path to financial success, he advises not to write letters of resignation, but with the restructuring of its own brains. That is: if attitudes toward money you still have the same, nothing new and will not work - at least work on a certain company, even without it.

Well, to work out the correct settings, you need to deal with the fact that you currently have going on with your "cash flow". Even if we assume that there is nothing special, it does not change anything - because we are talking about restructuring exercise in the brain.


"Anyone who considers himself a victim shall not be rich," Maxim Sviridov, counselor, coach: - What rights Kiyosaki? As long as man remains unchanged in its perception as the situation does not change within himself, the circumstances of life one way or another will be repeated. This kind of "Groundhog Day," or, according to Kiyosaki, "rat race."

Real change will begin when he realizes he chose to be in this circle, and nobody's fault (the circumstances of the state, the employer) in this. Only when a person begins to understand and accept that and why he chooses, he begins to build something myself. As he wants. And this is true for the personal life and family, and business.


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