In love with a Brahmin

In the city of Bombay lived a Brahmin scholar. One day, attracted by the beauty of the young Champa, he came to her house:
- Oh, Champa! I'm so in love with you, take my heart and make me into his arms!
And Champa said:
- If you are a scientist Brahmin, answer my question. How much passion in a man and how much passion in a woman?
And the young man replied:
- In a woman of passion nine parts, and in a man - one.
- How much intelligence in a woman and how much - in a man?
- In one part of the reason a woman in a man - nine parts.
Then said Champa:
- Oh, boy! If I am missing one part of the mind to win nine parts passion, how can you nine parts of the mind is not enough to win just one part of passion?


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