The bitter truth

One man looking for the meaning of life, said to himself:

— I'm a man, a rational being, therefore I must find the truth and to learn.


He tried all available ways in order to find the desired, but never achieved the desired. Then he said to himself:

I was looking for truth around him, in every subject and lesson, provided I have at hand, and not found it. I have mastered a dozen crafts. Became a skilled master in many classes. Cultivated land, metal was melted, chopped stone, prepared foodstuffs, sew the best clothes and shoes, played on musical instruments for yourself and others, but the truth remained not known to me. I'm a stranger, for where I was born, I have not found what I need. I'll search the whole world, traveling, and his purpose will not back down.

He went on a journey around the world, traveled and walked many lands, countries and limits, and once reached the North, and the cold edge. Saw the wanderer the snowy caps of the majestic mountains and said to myself:

— I will overcome them and know the Truth!

But as it turned out, the plain — which runs towards the mountains proved to be much nepristupny the thought of our traveler. He walked and walked, and the mountains seemed no closer. Supplies of food and energy was on the wane, and besides, he was quite ill and felt that quickly loses strength. Fortunately, in the twilight of the dying day, at the foot of the mountains, flickered the light standing alone house. The wanderer went to the house for help.

He knocked and the door was opened by a gray-haired old man with sparkling as the embers of the eyes. The wanderer has not had anything to say as I collapsed on the threshold of powerlessness and engulfed his illness. When he regained consciousness, he saw lying on the bed, covered with a bearskin, and beside him sits the old man.

The old man asked:

How are you feeling, stranger?

The wanderer replied:

I came from distant lands and traveled all over the world in order to know the truth. So I got in your region. I walked and felt the heat throughout the body, it will soon pass. Thank you for letting me stay here, I'll go.

The old man smiled and said quietly:

— It is a disease. You got sick because you caught a cold. I'll give you this drug,it bitter and not very pleasant to the taste, but if you drink it, in three days you will be strong again and know the truth you've been looking for.

The traveler was surprised and said:

You say that it is a disease, but the bitter medicine will cure her in three days... You want to say that the Truth is bitter medicine?


The old man said:

— So, the truth is bitter medicine. Just trust me and take the medicine, no doubt. I know what I speak of, tried to imagine.

The wanderer did. Three days later, he completely recovered and, knowing the truth of life, went to their homes indefinitely due to the old man with sparkling as the embers of the eyes. The fire of these eyes will forever remain in the heart of a stranger, reminding him that he knew the truth.

The meaning of the parable is that Truth is knowable from the inside. Sometimes it is bitter to the taste, and no external signs do not say that this is what they want, but, getting inside of a person, provided that he is willing to accept, the truth heals and strengthens us, remaining in our heart forever, like a fire, warming our souls. published


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