White Mage Forest-Vodice

In the late 80s the Soviet Union plunged into the darkness of supernatural knowledge. Parallel to economic chaos and political unbelief like mushrooms after the rain began to appear white and black magicians, as well as psychics of all stripes.
At first they just tselili on television, then, so to speak, went to mass, and began to teach the entire social stratum do not agree with the traditional approach to life.
And here are a couple of friends that do not stay away from the progress pension filmed in Forest-Vodice (then it was worth almost nothing) and advertised in the newspapers about the formation of a new conscription of white magicians. The hardest thing was with the head of the circle.
In the end, he was found in a "tube" (who do not know - the underpass near the Maidan). Dressed all in black, and virtually nothing evshy, it differs from other earthlings incredible thinness. In his hollow cheeks expectedly rolled tears when he sang songs of his own complex.
Unfortunately, it proved hard drinkers. Therefore, training and study materiel repeatedly found themselves under serious ugrozoy.On tore the books burned notes. Well, at least this was the bulk of literature, however, as it is now. A compromise was found in a 40-degree tangible rewards for mastering the material.
As soon as the next guru to report on the content of the next chapter, it poured.
So classes started. Recorded 30 housewives and 2 military retiree.
End of May. Birds sing. Around the greens. Open windows in the audience of the first floor.
Founders of Kiev Hogwarts lurk beneath the windows. Hear the drunk walked into the audience greeted ceremoniously: "Hello, students." Those in answer rang out: "Hello, guru." Guys stop up the mouths of each other, not to neigh loudly. Calmed down only at home.
Soon after the first release. Beautiful red booklet says that their owners from that moment - the white magicians. With all its consequences. Bear the stamp of the cooperative at the tram depot.
Guru insisted on the continuation of the banquet. He went into a rage, threw the drink recovered. And reinforce the idea that he did enlightenment. Communicate with the creators of the school and started down the books on magic already acquired for its own account.
I had to leave. But these people did not disappear. And the guru went into politics. President yet, however, did not. But at present he has a very good chance. There's half of this establishment. They live in a parallel reality.


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