Boring white: purity and lightness in the interior of the house

Apartment renovation and interior design in bright colours? Try out the brand white! Physicists, using a glass prism to reveal the "secret" of white color. It is a whole bunch of different colors, making it diverse and is especially important in residential interiors.

Like black, white color goes well with all colors, in addition, he mixed with them, creating different shades and tones of familiar colors. You can imagine that if you mix blue, red, green, purple, yellow and orange color can be pure white? Agree, this color has something magic.

The first fallen snow, blooming cherry tree, angel wings and veil of the bride is invariably white in color we associate with purity and innocence. White color has always been a symbol of youthful aspirations and hopes.

The absolute white color is radiance, which is hidden, something mysterious and enigmatic. Proper use of white color in the interior living space is able to change and even to "remove" odors. So, in sterile white kitchens seem unpleasant smells "disappear" by themselves, dissolving into the white furniture and walls.

In our age of "green" construction, super powerful vacuum cleaners and squeaky clean linen, Hobbies, healthy lifestyle and the conditioned air in the home interiors white color looks harmonious and very modern.

Its uniqueness lies in the ability to create a common space in which the furniture at the same time and merges with the overall style, and, at the same time, stand out against the uncluttered wall.

The color saturation from the monitors of TVs and computers more often leads to the fact that modern resident are inclined to the selection of almost monochromatic interiors to design their home, which is a black-and-white designs, never losing their relevance for quite a long time. Comfortable and relaxing white color in the bedroom creates a sense of "cocoon" and mutes the sounds of the city wafting through, again, the "white" Windows.

Fashion philosophy and culture of the East led to the emergence of "Europeanized" interior Zen style. Against white walls and a floor placed low furniture with simple shapes, combining dark wood trim and bright accessories.

Of the ornaments appropriate to look to be a modest black-and-white photograph and a bouquet of bright flowers. In the interior even the clear glass vases and glare from water on the walls have a meaning. A bit austere environment that is conducive to inward concentration, allows a person to hear their own thoughts and organize them.


To dim the white background of the walls and furnishings even black tea in a transparent glass becomes a design element. The desire of a European to the comfort and well could not impact on the "modification" of Zen.

And if at first glance, such a white interior will seem too simple, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that simple elements of décor are the embodiment of true elegance.


White interiors with wooden furniture, designed in the General style of the room. It is important to use interior made of natural and precious wood.

Their dark color and dim images will become an elegant decoration of the "white" room. Don't choose ornate furniture, and she needs to have elegant and flowing lines.
Allowed and concise tables, shelves and cabinets, but their finish should be thin legs, "difficult" facades and the overall feeling of "lightness." To avoid Association with the Museum, white interior definitely inject an element of some "clutter."

The white color in the interior home office is conducive to concentrated work, the lack of bright spots allows you to fully "go" in the lesson and not be distracted. "White" living room become a great place to meet with guests or enjoying evening with family.

The elements of "Palace" style, such as marble columns, white candles, white moldings and other accessories, made in this color perfectly blended with the dark surface of the wooden table or mantel. The small accents of contrasting colors can "dilute" the white interiors, without compromising the integrity of the style and its sustained harmony.

The red color in the interior: the details of designLoft brutality and grace "attic" style

And if you still are avoiding the "white" interiors for their "impractical", then we can confidently say that the small work to care for them will be compensated by the modest grace and magnificence created by this truly magnificent and mystic white.published




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