4 ways to quickly freshen up.

Eventful day: work, study, meeting with friends, fitness - you need to be on our toes 24 hours a day. Familiar? Then you useful tips on how to tidy himself up for a few seconds.
1. Drink a glass of water before breakfast - so you run the metabolic processes in all vital systems of the body. This will not only help you feel the rush of vitality, but also affect the appearance - face will look fresh, without a trace of fatigue.
2. do not wash under running water. Dermatologists warn - as "drink" the skin can not: over and over again it will become dry land, and the complexion will become painfully dull shade. Use moisturizing cosmetics for washing, and then applied onto a moisturizer that will maintain the moisture balance of the skin during the day.
3. During the day, instead of updating layer of foundation, just pat the face matting cloth and apply a drop of moisturizer lip gloss.
4. If you are not too lazy to make the evening a moisturizing hair mask, be sure on the morning of your curls will be manageable, shiny, and thus laying longer remain accurate.


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