Simplify life

Henrik Edberg, author of The Positivity Blog, gathered in a list of rules which it considers to simplify life and make it really valuable.

1. Try a completely opposite things.

For example, if you eat a lot of meat, it's time to try to give it at least for a short period of time. Love to argue - try to keep silent. Woke up late - get up early, etc. Make these little experiments part of their daily lives and it will be a kind of vaccination "out of the comfort zone." Firstly, it's interesting, and secondly, at the time of the next steep turn in your life going beyond the comfort will not be so noticeable.

2. Wake up 20 minutes early.

You can do this in several sets of 20 minutes and then you will easily be able to wake up an hour early and have time to do a lot of interesting things to which hands did not reach before. Most recently, we touched on the topic of early rises, so if you have not yet started, you have a great opportunity to include this item in their lives in the complex.

3. Come for all appointments and meetings 10 minutes earlier.

First, coming in advance you will not worry about being late and forced to wait for colleagues. Why do you need the extra stress before an important meeting? Secondly, coming a little earlier, you can prepare and check again, nothing you do not forget.

4. The single-tasking.

Our brains are not able to support multitasking. We still have to switch from one task to another. When you only work on one thing, you do it better and more intently, on what not distracted.

5. Ask yourself: if I try to keep things happening?

Analyze the situation. If it turns out that their actions do you complicate everything even more, think about how it is decomposed into simpler components and solve the problem.

6. Ask yourself whether this is important in 5 years?

Before making mountains out of molehills and tear my hair out, consider whether this situation is important in 5 years? And after 5 weeks?

7. Buy More only in terms of the money that you have saved or earned.

Before you buy something expensive, think carefully and remember the rule "think about buying as many days as part of hundreds of its value (if 100, then one day, when 200 - 2 days, etc.)." This will help you make intelligent purchases and avoid stupid loans.

8. Learn a few recipes and cook at home more often.

So you will save money and be able to eat more healthily (provided that you cook a healthy meal). By the way, on our blog has quite a few interesting and simple recipes.

9. When you are cooking, try to cook more than you eat.

It will save you time - next time you will only need to warm up a ready-made. And, of course, have to wash the dishes not so often.

Frankly, I do not really like to eat warm up food. But in times of debris is very saves. Moreover, there are dishes that are on the second day are delicious (some soups, for example).

10. Record.

Human memory - not the most reliable tool. So do the recording of cases of purchases, meetings, etc. And try to highlight 4 priority goals for this year and periodically keep an eye on them in their records, so as not to deviate from the course.

11. Remember that life is much wider than you think.

You do not know everything, and sometimes wrong. This will help you with a lot of patience to listen to the opinions of others and to accept it, to change themselves and always remain open to new knowledge and capabilities.

12. Risks do not be afraid to make mistakes.

And then learn from them, learn the lessons that life presents, and acquired knowledge and experience safely handle the new ideas.

13. Do what you really like!

Do not live someone else's dreams and desires.

14. Try to make the purchase of products at once for a week.

This will save not only money, but also time.

15. Go shopping when you are full.

The surest way to go to the store and buy only what you need - it does not go hungry. Will not occur temptation to buy something else, and standing at the checkout hands will not reach for a chocolate and cookies, so helpfully laid out on the last turn

16. Enjoy the small joys.

Beautiful sunset, flowering trees outside the window after a long winter, the latter the most delicious piece of cake. Learn to savor life in small pieces and find pleasant moments in the world around you.

17. Drink water.

Instead of eating when you are bored, better drink a glass of water - get rid of hunger and at the same time to re-hydrate the body.

18. Eat more slowly.

Do not fly so if you are late for the last train in my life to a brighter and happier future. Food should be taken in a good mood and slowly, savoring every bite. Firstly, because you will be filled, but eat less than if you shove food at a cruising speed. And secondly, it would be another enjoyable moment that will complement your mosaic of enjoyment of life.

19. Be kind.

Be kind to people around them, and in particular - to himself.

20. Write a short letter.

Usually enough 1-5 sentences.

21. respond to emails once a day.

Highlight for themselves the most optimal time to check the mail and the responses to incoming messages. Checking the mailbox every 5 minutes takes time and adds nervousness.

22. Learn new ways to deal with stress and try them.

Meditation, yoga, classical music, a couple of laps around the stadium after work - any of these methods can help you relieve the stress.

23. Keep your home and your workplace in order.

Then you can quickly find the right things and thus save time and nerves.

24. Live "here and now┬╗.

Enjoy life, catch every moment. Be aware of every day, instead of rush headlong through it constantly thinking about what will happen tomorrow.

25. Spend more time with people who make life easier.

And try to avoid the company of those who complicates everything for no reason.

26. Exercise every day.

Let it be at least walking tour or a walk during lunch. This will get rid of stress, will add energy, will help bring the body in order and ward off negative thoughts.

27. Get rid of junk.

Get rid of unnecessary things in the house, from the projects that hinder your development, from bad thoughts in my head and from the people who are the obstacle to your goals and take too much time and energy on the life of constant complaints.

28. Ask questions.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice from people who have been in similar situations as yours, and were able to find a solution.

29. Stop trying to please everyone.

Just because it is useless. It is impossible, because there will always be people who do not like you for one reason or another. And there may be thousands of reasons.

30. Break down complex tasks into small.

If the task seems daunting, break it into several smaller tasks and solve gradually one after the other.

31. Stop trying to do everything perfectly.

This does not mean that everything should be done carelessly. Just instead obsess over every detail, just do a good job. About side effects of perfectionism, we also have not once wrote - a waste of time, energy and nerves plus increase dissatisfaction with himself and others because of excessive strap.

32. Take a minute and just take a deep breath.

And then exhale slowly. Deep breathing relaxes well and saturates the blood with oxygen. And also it helps to focus on the important things in life.

33. Spend 20% of the time over the deliberation about solving the problem, and 80% - on its decision.

And not vice versa.

34. Focus on a few important things, and all unnecessary and Cut the secondary.

Instead sprayed simultaneously on 10 projects, direct all their energies to two or three main tasks.

35. Keep a diary.

Writing every day, their thoughts and their actions, then you can easily keep track of what has helped you find the right solution. Also rereading records will help you to clearly see your progress and avoid the same mistakes.

36. If your occupation is no longer you like, get something else.

The world around us is changing and we are changing with it. Something from which we were ecstatic yesterday, today may not represent any interest for us. If you feel that you previously favorite thing no longer brings you satisfaction, time to think about the changes.

37. Use a minimalist workspace.

You should not interfere with anything. On your desktop should be the procedure and only those things which are necessary for the job. Clutter distracts and productivity falls. I think that the order should not only be on the desktop, but also on the desktop of your computer.

38. Every Sunday allocates 15 minutes for planning the upcoming work week.

This will help you bring order to his head, and prioritize the order of doing things, set goals, tune in to the future work and reduce stress.

39. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions.

Whether it is disconnected from the cable TV with a huge number of channels, or cleaning your rss-flow of trash that you continue to browse habit. We can also add some magazines and newspapers.

40. Ask, instead of guessing.

While we are not able to read the thoughts of others, to know what a person thinks, can only be asking him a direct question. Stop guessing - just ask what you are interested in. A misinterpretation and speculation can lead to very dire consequences. Do not be afraid to ask - demand for money do not take.

41. make one change at a time.

Get rid of old habits (especially if they are harmful) and enter in your life something new is very difficult. Make changes gradually. For example, start with the first item in this list, and gradually, by securing one point after another, change your life for the better.

42. Sometimes, allow yourself to just be lazy.

If you can lead your life in order to get rid of the negative and unnecessary cases, you will have time for a small and pleasant laziness. Sometimes laziness - it is a barrier that prevents us to achieve the desired goals, but sometimes - this medicine. Allow yourself a little lazy at least once a week. Do not think about work, not to think about, but just enjoy the silence, a book, a walk, or loneliness. This little laziness will allow you to relax and start the work week with renewed energy and inspiration. You know, when the head is not doing anything, check their very interesting thoughts


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