10 myths about the order, from which, it's time to get rid of

Organization. The word what complex. But to make this organization even more difficult. All because maintaining a house and working place in order overgrown with myths which for a long time to dispel.

Good organization is not to spread out all the papers in colored folders with labels, but to think through your life. It should not bother to strain or cause internal resistance.

People relate differently to the confusion in the surrounding space. You need to live at a level that suits you. Become more organized not to achieve the perfect order in everything.

So it's time to dispel some of the myths about the order in life and business. Below — misconceptions that prevent you to live better.


1. Organized — so perfect


There is no universal way to come to order, that'd work for everyone. We have to live and know that you have where it is, and to devise a system of interaction with things inside their home.

How exactly you do things and how they form — it is only your business. The pursuit of perfection prevent some even start cleaning. There is nothing perfect, get it out of your desire to become perfect. But to become better is still possible.


2. It is possible to deal with all at once


Imagine that your photography evolved over the years in the box. And now he was exhausted. If you come up with albums to the pile of photos, a couple of hours the issue is not resolved.

To start, try to sort photos by year or by any other criteria (travel, holidays and so on). Then he will deal with each stack, not necessarily in one day.

This applies to any obstruction.


3. And for a long time!


The installation of the storage system or an analysis of a pile of paper — it single action. But the maintenance of order requires changes in your lifestyle. The order must direct not only in the room.


4. The procedure is difficult and long


Maintaining order is easier than you think. If you know the difference between shirt and pants, then half the battle is done. Just sort things and find them. The right system will help to keep every thing in its place.

From debris in the pockets is safe. But when the mess reaches a critical point (that is, you will be uncomfortable) you will be able to quickly return to the house in an acceptable condition. Sophisticated house on the balance of things in places in five minutes.

Start now. Take the thing you just used, put it in place. This second. Difficult? Why don't you put this in place? What is the reason? Usually that is uncomfortable. Your task is to consider placement, things to jump into place as if by themselves. To make it easier to hang things in the closet and not on the back of a chair, need to buy a wardrobe or throw a chair.


5. Organization — a natural talent


No, it's genes are not needed and just takes time. Start cleaning and set a timer for 30 minutes. When the time comes, allow yourself to finish. Want to continue working? Put the timer again. So you will not crush the feeling that you need to plow to the bitter end.

Organization can be learned. Of course, someone has a predisposition to this, as math, for example. But math people learn, so that you will learn how to order.

6. Need to order new furniture


A good storage system helps to maintain order, but if you buy a new wardrobe before you learn to observe cleanliness, then it will be the same mess as everywhere else.

Start parsing things with one zone in one room. Remove everything that is not helps to maintain the functionality of the room. The closet is nothing to do in the kitchen, and the toy box are not needed in the bathroom.

When the room will remain only what you need, sort items by category and think about how convenient to use them. If need be, buy special containers, holders, hangers or furniture.

Great someone solutions will not teach you to be careful. Furniture should be integrated into your system of organizing space and not try to live at the behest of the Cabinet.

The same applies to new technology. Robot vacuum cleaner won't hang shirts in the closet, the dishwasher won't load itself, a detergent, slow cooker wouldn't run to the store. Gadgets make life easier. But no more.


7. Let it be a mess I know where everything is


Like it or not, people form an impression about you, looking at the Desk and at home. In addition, some of the papers and documents it is better not to risk leaving them in plain sight.

When finished working with the document, think about where to put it: in the folder box in the trash. At the end of each working day dedicate 15 minutes to disassemble the table, then the next morning it will be fine.


8. In perfect order there is no creative atmosphere


If you decide to paint a picture of what the canvas would help to find new ideas: clean or someone already used? To work in a mess — it's like writing in someone else's draft. Too much will interfere with the flight of thought.

Informal space is distracting, takes time to find the right object. Why waste precious time and waste energy on orientation in the chaos if it means to succeed? Creativity flourishes when you use a blank canvas and a well-organized space.

9. For me it is not working


We don't like change, even if it changes for the better. Therefore, an inner voice whispers that we can't maintain order, because that's boring, difficult and generally does not help to live better.

When that happens, tell yourself that you deserve better. The order is in your hands, and even 10 minutes is enough. It is not necessary to think in terms of "all or nothing". Make small steps each day. And tomorrow will be easier.

Nothing works if your system will be inconvenient for you personally. It depends on many factors, including what you have growing. It can be difficult every time you bend over to throw the rubbish in the bin, and it is better to push it out under the table. But if you find it difficult to reach for the upper shelves, use them as a place to store seasonal clothes to climb on a stool once every six months.

This is an obvious example, but the same principle should be used in other cases when you choose a location for every thing.


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10. I need a clear plan


No matter where you write the plan for the week: in the smart phone, on a napkin or in a day planner. Do not expect that everything will work according to your plan.

Order is not a static state but a process. Remember this, and succeed.published


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