Insolight will increase the efficiency of the solar panels twice

The new device was developed by a team Insolight supported by the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne (EPFL). Prototype improved solar cells tested at an independent laboratory in the Institute of Fraunhofer Society. The coefficient of energy conversion was 36.4%. Existing market technology have a maximum ratio of 18-20%.

To achieve such indicators, the solar cells track the sun and optimize the collection of solar energy. For this purpose, the solar concentrator. Thin transparent plastic hub the role of the lens, which focuses the solar energy into the solar panels of a small size. Panels of this type are used in the space industry, and usually their production is expensive.

In Insolight the high cost has been solved. Instead of increase the rate of conversion of solar panels as such, the startup decided to use lenses, which focus light waves on the segments superelements several square millimeters. Regardless of the angle of incidence, such a system catches 100% of sunlight.

Development Insolight meant for ordinary consumers. According to Inhabitat, set the startup performance of energy two times higher than those available to consumers on the market. Solar panels on the basis of new solar cells are easily mounted in a variety of ways. According to company representatives, is ready for commercial use. published




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