Developed solar cells that are twice as efficient as conventional

The Swiss company intends to significantly reduce the cost of electricity for private households it will cost 4 times cheaper. New solar battery is not necessary as the sunflower turning towards the sun.

According to experts, solar energy will displace the hydrocarbon.

Insolight solar panel is almost twice as efficient as the common models. The solar battery of new generation can be installed directly on the roof of private homes. Although the new panels will be more expensive than traditional the company claims that their efficiency may reduce the households ' expenses for electricity in 4 times. The classical model of solar panels give an efficiency of 20%, and independent testing of batteries Insolight gave the figure of 36%. One of the key innovations of the startup battery is no need to rotate depending on the position of the sun — the focus of the rays from sunrise to sunset provide micromotion lenses. Large-scale testing of a large number of such panels will be held in the summer of 2017, and the market the company hopes to get in 2018. The price is not yet known, but the cost can be a major obstacle to the widespread transition to super-efficient solar panels, says partner Fund investments in clean technologies I2BF Global Ventures Alexander korchevsky on the radio Business FM. Alexander korchevsky, partner Fund investments in clean technologies I2BF Global Ventures: "to Achieve a claimed doubling of battery performance possible using the focus technology. Here the question of the cost of such lenses. No mass production is unlikely to make it cheap. And the second point — as this microlens will probably have a special way to cook plates to avoid places where lenses are connected and where they don't focus energy on the solar plate. That too will be expensive technology, so to a first approximation it seems that it's cheap to do, and a serious competition to conventional batteries, this should not make".

On the other hand, even before the development Insolight many countries have reached the so-called "grid parity" — when the costs of the use of personal solar panels is equal to the cost of energy "network". Intuitively I want to say: "So the same Turkey or Mexico, where the sun constantly". In fact, it is not only the geographical latitude, for example, according to Deutsche Bank, the parity has overcome Finland, where only 40% of Sunny days per year and which is located North of the main part of the territory of Russia. About the prospects of solar energy says the Director of the energy development Fund Sergey Pikin: "Things related to alternative energy, is a kind of potential threat that must be implemented in the future. To it was implemented, it is necessary that the share of renewable energy amounted to tens of percent — while this, of course not. The most optimistic forecasts, the decline in oil consumption only possible after 10 years. As for the cost, indeed, solar energy is caught up in cost of gas energy. If you take the countries of the European Union, countries of the Middle East — the last contest, which was conducted, showed that the cost per kilowatt-hour produced with the help of the sun, is at a level of about 1.6 rubles, if to translate into Russian rubles. So guaranteed that solar energy will be all the more to displace hydrocarbon energy, and its share will grow quite rapidly". published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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