The record conversion efficiency of sunlight into electricity

One of the leading developers and producers of photovoltaic concentrators Amonix Inc in late October announced his next record. The solar panel manufacturing company first entered the stage efficiency than 1/3. This means that the panel effectively converts the electricity to more than 33.3 per cent fall on her solar light.

The record was recorded by the U.S. National renewable energy laboratory (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL) in may of this year, but the company announced only a few days ago.

During testing at the National laboratory Amonix module for several days was recorded on the conversion efficiency of 34.2%. This is the highest performance solar photovoltaic panels ever achieved in the real world. The previous record performance also belonged to the panel company Amonix was 30.3%.

It should be clear that we are talking about a record efficiency panels, not the individual solar cells of which they are composed. Today, if you pre-concentration of sunlight, the efficiency of individual elements in the laboratory reaches 43%.

Solar company Amonix modules built on the technology of concentrated photovoltaic transformation. According to this technology, the sunlight, before getting to the solar cell, is concentrated using mirrors or lenses that allows you to send the item more light than would be under normal conditions.

The technology of concentrated photovoltaic transformation should not be confused with solar thermoelectric systems. In the latter case, mirrors or lenses to focus light for heating a liquid coolant, through which further energy transporterowych for use or conversion to electricity.

Achieving the level of efficiency of 33.3% is considered to be an important technological milestone for commercial modules. This value as the target set for the industry the us Department of energy. The slogan "One-third of the sun" (One-third of a sun) nominated by the Ministry as a major initiative for the development of photovoltaic energy.

As noted Garbsen Vahan (Vahan Garboushian), founder and Director of the Amonix: "This is a landmark achievement for Amonix and the industry. We are at the forefront of photovoltaic technology and made a breakthrough by proving that photovoltaic conversion offer the highest efficiency among all solar technologies in real working conditions. Amonix is focused on reducing the cost of solar photovoltaics, and intends to break the record of efficiency in the near future."

Despite the technological breakthrough and the willingness to produce more efficient solar panels, the economic reality of the record leaves much to be desired. So, in July of the current year was closed production center in Las Vegas.

Like all American companies in the industry, Amonix is experiencing significant pressure for low prices products, Chinese manufacturers, and determines that the statement about reducing the cost of production. It is hoped that effective technologies will allow the company to maintain leadership.


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