How to prevent acne

Eight useful tips from a beautician about how to prevent acne. Yesterday, one of the most respected Moscow cosmetologists sent us to the post office a few useful tips on how to prevent acne. Let's take a look at them in more detail:
1. Try not to use a conventional toilet soap. Disadvantages of soap - it's pretty much dries the skin, it is not enough to push skin cancer protective reaction.

2. It is not necessary to delay the treatment of inflammatory processes whether it is common cold. During the cold body is weakened, it can also affect the appearance of acne.
3. If you are a woman and use decorative cosmetics then discard it. If this is not possible, then stop using, even if powder. Since it is very harmful for the skin.

4. Another tip to prevent acne: Do not eat too much fat and sweet, as it stimulates the clogging of pores. And if the pores were clogged, very soon there will be spots.

5. If you are a woman then stop taking the contraceptive hormone preparations. They are very much knock hormonal balance and because of this there are spots.

6. Sometimes it is necessary to clean the skin soft scrub. Better to buy one that is suitable for oily and combination skin.

7. Do not worry too much. Since because of nerves appears greatest number of diseases including acne.

8. How frequently wash shalt linen. So as to clothes and bedclothes, we often touch the skin surface.


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