Cheese Saeki: that "upsets" our skin

1. Frequent washing,excessive washing, especially using Soaps, lead to the destruction of the protective layer of the skin. Sterilization promotes the growth of pimples, hardened pores become visible.

2. Calorie diet

The food we put into our mouths, often "appears" to our face. Overeating, fatty, smoked, salted food, sugar, sodas are the main factors of acne.

  3. Long stay in the sunwe All know that ultraviolet light "cures" acne, having some ability to disinfect, and tan hides red spots from acne, but do not forget about the fact that high doses of ultraviolet radiation cause the opposite effect.

4. The lack of moisture

Moisture is the main source of beautiful skin. On the chapped skin easily form pores, due to the decrease in the protective function of the skin, acne can also appear.

5. Disguise

Hiding pores and pimples by using Foundation and makeup, you do yourself a disservice. The skin in these conditions is not breathing, and her condition is gradually getting worse and worse.

6. Stress

As stress reduce the protective abilities of the organism, then this negative impact on our skin.

7. Shaving, waxing

Deprived of the so-called hair pad (cannon), leather, became open, weakens, becomes "fertile ground" for pimples and other various skin problems.

8. Ignorance of the rhythm of the body

The skin condition is directly related to the rhythms of the female body, failure to understand this leads to incorrect care or its absence at the right time.

9. Smoking

Smoking causes lack of oxygen in the body, dehydration, poor blood circulation, accelerates skin aging, promotes the appearance of pimples and pores.

10. Negative attitude towards the world

Heredity, medicines, cosmetics... There are many factors influencing the condition of our skin. And she will not be beautiful if to reproach herself for her imperfection.

Remove pimples and restore the pores with the help of the theory of "SOYBEAN CURD"

Structure of the skin is aligned, if properly moisturize

Imagine that on your Desk there suhosolenye bean curd: dried and frozen, brown to yellowish — pathetic! But if before cooking soak it again in water, it absorbs moisture, violence, will acquire a nice milky colour.

The theory of "soybean curd"

Like silk, fine texture of fresh bean curd full of flexibility and elasticity. But suhosolenye soy cheese can be compared to a cotton fabric, due to its irregularities and some imbalances. Moisture is something that can bring order to the structure of the skin. Our goal is "silk skin"!

Another example. Imagine a stretched worn-in sweater — it's all Kokoity, crumpled, scary... And it hold it over the steam, after some time it will be as good as new. This will happen through moisturizing and warming to the action of steam.

Pimples and pores — the result of improper skin care

These analogies were needed in order to understand: our skin is similar, and soy curd, and a sweater. When it lacks moisture, it becomes dull, dry, there are a variety of problems, skin color changes. But maybe you should start paying attention now, moisturize it, nourish, as it gradually blossoms, it becomes elastic, smooth, and its color is pleasing to the eye.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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