This simple technique from Shizu Saeki quickly return youth to your face

We offer a simple technique to study lymphatic drainage massage, designed Shizu Saeki, which was appreciated by women all over the world.

"This is a very effective tool in the fight against wrinkles and drooping corners of the lips," says the author Shizu Saeki. This simple technique will help to reduce wrinkles and expression lines. Improve oval face shape, thanks to the lymphatic drainage effect will be a swelling, the complexion becomes fresh and radiant.

Grab the skin vertically near the corners of the mouth and gently, effortlessly pull back her hand with fingertips.

For getting rid of forehead wrinkles, place the fingertips on the skin and "stretch" the muscles of the forehead from the center to the temples.

Stretch the wrinkles of the forehead to the side with one hand, hold the second skin on his temple.


The muscles of the forehead zalamyvayutsya as well as the skin. Pull the muscles of the forehead from below upward alternating hands.


Techniques of pressure and stretching: "lymphatic congestion causes the buildup of toxins that make the face puffy. To avoid this, you need to clean the system by "draining" the toxins in the lymph nodes", says Saeki.

Put on the cheeks with both hands and pull the skin up.

To do this, do the following:

Gently press the corners of the lips or skin around the lips, where are your lymph nodes.

Toxins tend to accumulate in the lymph nodes behind the ears. Click on this area with the pads of your thumbs to help to expel the toxins down.


Press the pads of your thumbs in the recess beneath the brow bone, together with the surrounding lymph nodes. published

Use this simple technique and be always beautiful and young!





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