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1. Bath with sea salt
Sea salt - 1 tbsp. Spoon
Warm water - 1 cup
You can add essential oil (place a large piece of salt and dissolved in water).
Take 20 minutes.

2. Bath with soapy water
Sea salt - 1 tbsp. Spoon
Warm water - 1 cup
Shower gel or liquid soap
Dissolve the gel in water, mix with salt.
Take 20 minutes.

3. Bath with olive oil
Olive oil (cold pressed) - 0, 5 cups.
Heat the oil in a water bath.
Take 15 minutes.

4. Tray with vitamin A
Sunflower oil - 0, 25 cups
Vitamin A - 5 drops
Tincture of iodine - 3 drops.
Mix all the ingredients and make the tub.
Take 20 minutes.

5. Tray with lemon juice
Vegetable oil
Lemon juice.
Heat the oil in a water bath to warm state, add a few drops of lemon juice. Take 15 minutes.

6. Tray from broth chamomile or oak bark.
Prepare a bath of decoction of chamomile or oak bark.
Take 5 minutes.

7. Tray polish with mineral water.
2 tablespoons strong tea leaves,
1/2 cup of fresh cabbage juice,
1/2 cup of mineral water.
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, take a bath for 15-20 minutes.
8. Herbal bath.
1 tablespoon chopped herbs succession, chopped herbs mint,
1 cup of water.
Grass mix, pour boiling water, leave for about 5 minutes.
Foot take 10-15 minutes.

9. Tray polish with chamomile and beer.
1 tablespoon crushed chamomile flowers drug,
1 glass of beer.
Beer-heat, pour hot beer chamomile and keep in a water bath for 15 minutes. After that, the broth should drain and cool. Take a bath for 15 minutes.

10. Tray for nails with a camomile and blackcurrant juice.
2 tablespoons crushed chamomile flowers drug,
1/2 cup of black currant,
1 cup of water.
Pour boiling water chamomile, put the pot on the stove and keep on low heat for 5 minutes under the lid closed. Strain the broth and cool. Add the broth currant juice squeezed from. Stir. Take a bath for 20 minutes

11. Tray of vegetable juice.
1/2 cup cabbage juice,
1/2 cup raw potato juice.
Mix the ingredients. Take a bath for 15 minutes.
12. Tray grapefruit.
1 small grapefruit,
1/4 cup ammonia,
1/4 cup glycerin.
The pulp of grapefruit to grind and pour ammonia, add glycerin and mix well. Take a bath for 15-20 minutes, then wash your hands with warm water.

13. Iodine-salt bath.
1 cup of water,
3 tablespoons salt,
1 teaspoon of 5% tincture of iodine.
Dissolve the salt in hot water and add iodine. Mix thoroughly. Take a bath for 10-15 minutes.

14. Tray salt and vegetable oil.
1/3 cup vegetable oil,
Vegetable oil to heat in a water bath and add salt, all mixed thoroughly. Take a bath for 20 minutes, and then put on cotton gloves and leave for 3 hours. After the procedure, wash your hands under warm water.


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