If your hair is electrified.

1. My hair with warm water, and rinsed - cold.
2. After each washing apply conditioner or balm. As a rule, the means of hair care products include anti-static components.
3. Before using a hair dryer or ironing is always applied to the ends of hair spray with thermal protection.
4. At least once a week to do a hydrating mask. It helps rid the hair from dryness, and therefore - the ability to accumulate static electricity.
5. Give preference caps made of natural fabrics. If you wear synthetics, certainly benefits from air conditioning, antistatic when washing.
6. Do not brush with plastic and metal brushes. The only "tool" suitable prone to electrifying hair - wooden comb.
7. Get rid of the electrification possible, dropping to comb a couple of drops of lavender or rose oil. It's not just neutralizes the electrical charge of hair, but also makes them shine.
8. If your hair is electrified, and on hand - nothing, just to smooth their hands soaked with water.


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