How to get rid of back acne at home

Pimples... From the appearance of these enemies of beauty and crusher sentiments are not insured by any one person. Whatever good may have been your heredity, environment or healthy eating, blackheads one day can break all your plans and stay "away" for a long time. A considerable problem take body acne on back and shoulders, get rid of them at home quite difficult.

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Causes ofToo active work of sebaceous glands. Pores become clogged with sebum, which causes acne formation. Skin bad breathing becomes uneven and rough, the penetration of bacteria appear inflammation. Yes, it's unpleasant, especially for girls. Heredity – often numerous pimples on the back are explained by a transmissible defect of the pores and the dysfunction of their purification. Synthetics. Many clothes are currently made from materials such as acrylic, polyester, polyamide, or included in the fabric. These unnatural components do not allow the skin to breathe, it accumulates sweat and dirt as a result of increased sebum and blockage of pores. This item includes the impact from tight-fitting clothes. Friction and pressure from surrounding things greatly adversely affect the skin, breaking its moisture - and heat exchange. Stress. Tension affects the production of hormones involved in the sebaceous glands. Puberty. The increased production of hormones characteristic of that period, causes an increase in pore size, the strengthened work of sebaceous glands and, as a consequence, the appearance of acne. Lack of vitamins. For example, the lack of vitamin B5 may cause long-term inflammation on the skin. Frequent and rough exfoliation. Often young people, thinking that the skin on the back and shoulders are more resistant, constantly bothering her, spending the endless cleaning (chemical, physical, etc.). You want to get rid of pimples, and the epithelium is damaged, loses protection, and they appear with a vengeance. How to get rid of acne on back and shoulders homeFast cure for acne on shoulders and back is harder than it may seem – the catch is that they are more painful, more and more difficult to treat. The skin in this area is slightly thicker than on the face, besides inflammation are constantly in contact with clothing (unlike the person). It exacerbates the situation. Remember, if the skin condition is very bad, it is better to consult a doctor. This might include powerful drugs.

But something you can do yourself:In everyday life, try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics (linen, cotton, silk, viscose, etc.). Avoid hard straps. So you will significantly reduce the irritation and stop the development of new acne. Leave the itching and redness. Provide competent care. Very good to take baths with the usual potassium permanganate. Dial the warm water in the bath, dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate to a faint pink color. Lie there for 15 minutes. Be extremely careful – manganese contributes to dry skin and can stain it. Therefore, you should not breed a very strong solution acne faster pass and burn to be easy. The procedure is best repeated every second day. To rapidly dry the infection spreads to the body. The back is better to just blot with a soft towel (which, by the way, must be individual!). The sequence wash is also very important. First you have to wash hair, then body. It's simple: shampoo can trigger clogging of the pores on the body. Pick the right sponge for body wash – not too soft, but not hard. She needs to clean the skin. Again, avoid sponges made of synthetic materials. Do not use a pumice stone and rough fit on problem areas – disseminate the infection and injure the skin. Sunbathing, Solarium – such procedures are permitted only in moderation. Excess ultraviolet radiation and the burned skin will not help in healing. Avoid massage oils – they are not for your case, as it can clog the pores and worsen the condition inflamed skin. Start taking brewer's yeast and vitamin complexes (follow the dosage of vitamins and keep in mind the compatibility of medicines). Recipes for acne on back and shoulders3% solution of hydrogen peroxide – treat problem areas regularly. Salicylic acid – can be used for applying daily. Bath with addition of sea salt and decoction of medicinal herbs (celandine, chamomile, oak bark, a series, a set of plants for problem skin). Increases the tone, elasticity and is anti-inflammatory. Masks made of clay, mud, seaweed (all sold in the pharmacy). Rubbing of acne calendula tincture 2 times a day. Power correction: the rejection of fatty, fried, limit sweet and refined foods. You need to eat more fiber and fresh foods. Possible – reduction in stress situations. If the effect of folk remedies does not suit you, try a stronger medication, for example: skinoren, baziron, Zener. They have some contraindications, so be sure to read the instructions. If during the treatment you notice increased peeling, lubricate the back of a chair. It is harmless and can be applied frequently.

Attention! It is not recommended to squeeze pimples on the back. Infection is recorded under the epithelium, and to cope with the problem even more difficult. If the blackhead stubbornly refuses to disappear and the condition worsens, consult a dermatologist and consult a physician. You will prescribe tests – perhaps the problem lies within. Also you will be given individual advice on prevention of recurrence of lesions.

The most important question, how to get rid of acne is that it is necessary comprehensive treatment. That is, using only one bath, or just sitting on the diet, you will not be able to cure inflammation. It is necessary to combine and combine procedures to determine what is best for your skin. Only with enough patience and persistence you will be able to remove the rash.

If these methods do not help and back acne are chronic, the way out is to use drugs from the group of retinoids — they are generally effective in monotherapy of severe conditions of acne.  published 


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