If only I knew sooner, could be saved from serious illness…

You need to learn to be receptive to his bodily processes and to notice the slightest change! Noticing the change, it is necessary to understand what is happening with the body and why. In the organism everything is interconnected, and if we were on the alert constantly, it could prevent a terrible disease. But usually what happens? No time to go to the doctor to get tested to figure out what's wrong…

And so begins the next stage: be noticeable symptoms of the disease. If so, and they don't pay the owner of the body attention, down the drain! The disease is found in poor condition, and sometimes incurable, because precious time is lost because of the banal laziness.

It is considered that rash on face and body — teenage problems. But very often, these troubles arise in adults! The reason — malfunction of the internal organs and various diseases. We will understand more what it means.

Why do I get primecinema various diseases
  1. Acne in the lower jaw and neck
    Can indicate elevated sugar levels in the blood excessive activity of the adrenal glands. Should be tested for blood sugar levels, check for diabetes. Also, these symptoms may cause hormonal imbalance. You need to check whether the normal balance of the female and male hormones. Rash in this area can indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract, violation of the digestive processes. Should avoid all sweets, fatty foods, food with preservatives. It is very important for any rash to stop drinking milk! This product ensures 100% occurrence of acne, if your skin has a tendency to this.

    Why do I get pimples on my chin? In women, this symptom is often an indication of gynecological problems, you need to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist. In men it may be associated with liver disease.
    Fifty three million forty five thousand five hundred forty one

  2. Pimples in the neck and upper back
    Rash in this area is triggered a malfunction of the nervous system excessive nervous tension, powerful surge of adrenaline. That is why back acne often happen in athletes that enter the body in a state of stress during highly active workouts. Also, this rash could be the consequence of a terrible nervous shock and a lack of personal hygiene.
    Three million five hundred forty nine thousand five hundred fifty seven

  3. Pimples on the back
    Very often the appearance of acne on the back helps synthetic clothes, excessive sweating. You must wear clothes made of natural fabrics, if the rashes occur on the body! Back acne are the result of disorders of the stomach, you should balance your diet. It is important to add vitamins, vitamin deficiency can also be a cause of acne. Another reason is a hormonal imbalance, perhaps, disruption in the endocrine system. You cannot run such a problem: you should consult a specialist if the rash on the back long runs! She can point to various infections in the body.
    Twenty eight million eight hundred twenty seven thousand twenty eight

  4. Acne in the breast area
    The pimples in this sensitive area often appear as a result allergic reaction as for food and clothing, perfumes, hygienic products for body care. Diseases associated with the nervous system, is another reason. Rashes on the chest and in other unpredictable places indicate that the digestive system is overloaded and simply cannot put all the by-products of digestion themselves, and therefore trying to make it through the skin. Because the skin is one of the excretory organs. Diet and more diet, less sweets, meat, no sausages, and just like them, no white flour products and bread, clogging the stomach, no dairy products.
    Twenty eight million seven hundred fifty five thousand one hundred eighty six

  5. Pimples on elbows
    Yes, it happens! Pimples on the elbows and knees — the result of a lack of vitamins. You need every day to eat carrots, preferably with butter, to vitamin a is well absorbed. Additionally you need to buy vitamins A and E in the pharmacy and to drink at least a month. Also, the pimples appear as a result zinc deficiency in the body. Take zinc from the pharmacy is expensive, this drug is useful, but causes nausea and several other side effects. If necessary, in a really serious case, such a drug prescribed by a doctor. As a preventive measure is fasting to eat raw pumpkin seeds, in which zinc is present in abundance, a handful a day would be enough.
    Forty three million three hundred sixty nine thousand five hundred fifty

  6. Pimples on abdomen
    One of the most dangerous types of rashes that can be caused by any of the disorders in the internal organs, including serious illnesses. It is necessary to carefully check all systems of the body, and see the level of sugar in the blood.
    Forty five million five hundred eighty eight thousand two hundred sixty seven

  7. Pimples on the buttocks and other intimate parts of the body
    One of the reasons — synthetic fabric, which can RUB against skin and cause irritation. Underwear should be comfortable and safe for the skin, pleasant to the touch, not only beautiful! Behold. why do I get pimples on the ass — perhaps because of the Lacy lingerie... If the rash is sore and itchy, at least a little, you should immediately go to the dermatologist, the accession of infection.
    Twenty one million nine hundred sixty one thousand seven hundred fifty six

Don't forget to read about which foods are guaranteed to cause a terrible rash, even if you're perfectly healthy. They should be avoided if you want to look great for important events. Be sensitive to the state of his health, and you will keep it to a ripe old age!

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Alexander Klimchuk Since childhood, interested in medicine, grew up in a family of doctors. Knows how to make a fancy Breakfast out of nothing, is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, making pies without flour, low-fat mayonnaise, healthy sweets. Never give up and believes that people are created to help each other! In all its domestic Affairs the assistant to the son Sasha. Alexandra's favorite book — "the Art of loving" by E. Fromm.


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