Pimples on chin — treatment of folk remedies


Pimples on the chin: causes and treatment of folk remedies

Pimples on the face, particularly the chin appear for different reasons. They can indicate disease of the ovaries and the gastrointestinal tract, or be a consequence of improper skin care, including the use of inappropriate type of skin cosmetics.

Pimples on the chin: causes.

A small probability of occurrence of pimples may be related to heredity or bad habits and lifestyle. It is not necessary to exclude from the list of causes of infectious diseases (colds), vitamin deficiency, stress, summer heat, weak immunity or age-related changes.

In that case, if the problem is bothering for a long time, you should turn to specialists and to check their health. Visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and dermatologist.

Pimples on the chin: treatment and care folk remedies

Along with visits to doctors should be armed with some rules to try to help yourself get rid of pimples on my chin that have already appeared. If problems with the illness from specialists confirmed, so it should be treated, which will stop new acne.

So, your everyday program to cleanse your face from rashes.

1. Do not touch the face with your hands throughout the day and don't squeeze pimples.

2. Avoid the use of scrubs and peels in this part of the face. For washing, use gentle products.

3. Eat only fresh and natural products. Exclude from menu products — allergens. Eat more vegetables (note the zucchini) and a little less fruit.

4. Force yourself to recharge with positive emotions, eliminate stress.

5. Buy in a regular store tar soap. Wash them morning and evening (for an hour or two before bedtime).

6. Move more and walk in nature, exercise.

What is the secret of the tar soap to care for problem skin?

First, it is a natural remedy, which includes birch tar, due to which this product has antiseptic properties and strong antimicrobial action, and therefore reduces inflammation and dries pimples on the chin. In that case, when the inflamed pimple, and helps the application to him on the night soapy thick foam. During the night the inflammation goes away and the affected area dried. After applying the soap, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream.

Feedback about the results of using tar soap.

— Acne does not remain a trace. The unpleasant smell disappears in a few minutes.

Soap does not cause irritation or peeling of the skin.

Well — washes his hair, gets rid of pimples on the body.

Pimples disappear instantly, from several hours to 5 — 7 days depending on severity.


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