Treatment of chickenpox folk remedies


In order to apply pravilnosti windmill folk sredstvami with the help of drugs, you need to distinguish between the symptoms of the disease.

Most often the disease are children under the age of 12, but adults are not protected from the risk of infection.
With appropriate and timely treatment, the disease occurs in a mild form and no serious consequences.

Symptoms of chickenpox Chicken pox is considered to be "insidious disease" due to the fact that manifests itself in a person immediately. The first symptoms of the disease become visible only on 3 to 4 day after infection in the form of small pink bubbles all over his body. Then the temperature rises, the patient begins to feel weakness throughout the body, severe discomfort and continuous itching. For 10 – 11 days after the infection skin rash is manifested to the greatest extent and itching significantly increased.

The smallest period of the disease is three weeks. Recovery occurs after the vesicles on the patient's body covered with a dense crust and fall off. High fever accompanies the disease only a few days, then gradually subsides and normal.

When the manifestation of the first symptoms you must immediately call the pediatrician at home. After all, only a specialist can accurately diagnose and properly prescribe medications.

In order to facilitate the flow of chickenpox, there are some folk remedies and methods.

People's treatment of chickenpox Treatment of chickenpox folk sredstvima greatly reduce pain and itching throughout the disease. Basically such auxiliary treatment is to take curative baths and external lubrication rashes.

• For example, to prevent the appearance of scars, you should not allow your child to brush formed on the body rash. To do this, briefly cut the nails on the hands, and at night wear cotton gloves.

• Throughout the disease is 1-2 times a day should lubricate most itchy skin low-concentrated solution of baking soda with a cotton pad.

• In the daytime every 3-4 hours you need to put the patient in a cooling bath for no longer than 15 minutes. The water should be added half a Cup of baking soda and dissolve thoroughly. The use of this procedure will help reduce itching.

• Also considered a therapeutic bath with potassium permanganate. It is diluted in water until a pale pink color and put the patient back for 5 minutes once or twice a day.

• Treatment of chicken pox in the home carried out using a bath with celandine. A good handful of fresh chopped celandine brewed with boiling water, infuse to cool, and pour the infusion into a warm bath, where they lock up the patient for 10 minutes 2 times a day.

• Similarly, do therapeutic baths with chamomile, but it take longer. Suitable flowers and stems with leaves.

• To raise the immune system and thereby help in the recovery will help this vitamin mixture: mix equal parts liquid honey and lemon juice. Give children before eating teaspoon 3 times a day, adults in the dining room.

• Once formed on the body of the crust starts to fall, remaining on the skin redness has to be treated with a solution of vitamin E from vials or sunflower oil is just crude. This will contribute to a more rapid recovery of the skin.

Remember, treatment of chickenpox folk sredstvami only during the parallel observation of a child by experienced specialists.



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