Women - like children, just that - just in tears, and to her mother.
The woman - like Peter the Great, wants to live in the capital, makes shaving a beard and wants to go to Europe.
The woman - as a mortgage for 30 years, and 10 thousand per month.
The woman - as a traffic police inspector: utter garbage, take away money, spoil the mood, and you're more to blame.
The woman - like Fyodor Konyukhov, dick knows where it is and who it is sponsoring.
The woman - as the Embassy can not resolve with your friends to go to Thailand.
The woman - like chess, just the wrong side of the pitch once the mat.
A woman in a shopping center - as a taxi unless you shout - stops.
The woman - as a theater, comedy today, tomorrow, tragedy, and the day after a tour in another city.
The woman - as a favorite sweater, you're certainly very fond of him, but guys he'll need in Turkey?
The woman - as a teacher in the exam, such as preparing everything correctly said, and she'll hop on some little things captures or conveys.


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