7 signs that you are doing your job.

1. You can do business of his life at any time, under any circumstances, and in any state of health.
"People rarely succeed if you are busy does not give them the pleasure".

2. You are immersed in the process of working instantly and permanently. Focus on your favorite business is like a deep meditation. Time and all that is happening around, no longer have value.

3. Do you feel the need for a permanent commitment to professional growth and the acquisition of new knowledge. You participate in discussions related to your favorite activity.

4. You free share lessons learned with other people. Your knowledge is easy to come to you, so you just as easily willing to share them. You are not concerned about the idea that someone is better than you will be using your knowledge.

5. You are open-minded. Favorite thing gives you a big boost of energy, you want to and are willing to spend on exciting cases. You are open to new acquaintances, traveling and experimentation.

6. Money is not the determining factor for you. If you are completely immersed in the business of his life, it is easy to spend on a significant portion of their money. And after a time, a favorite thing brings you income with the same ease.

7. You will notice that your event you begin to form themselves, and you just have to watch the best of circumstances. Meet new, creative ideas, like yourself come into your life.

If you are looking for "their" case, remember:
You can not make a huge step, which immediately provide you achieve the desired goal. For any desired goal is achieved through many small steps and quite ordinary. Peter Cohan


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