10 rules to be happy.

1. Plan your life.
Build plans for the short and long term. Write them down on paper. Returns periodically to audit them. French writer Saint-Exupery, author of "The Little Prince" say: "Make of your life a fairy tale, but a fairy tale - a life." Turn your dreams into reality, and make life fabulous. According to legend, Marcus Aurelius once said, the best way you can imagine: "Understand what you want in life and to make every effort to achieve it».

2. Evaluate what you already have in your life.
Look around and you should look to what you have in life. Stop your attention on the positive. The law of our emotions is that the more we delay their attention on something, the more we amplify the emotions arising from this. Why "hung up" on the poor? To grieve, suffer, grieve and feel sorry for yourself? Worthy matter? And if you try to think about the good things in life. No one knows how much time we have to live. So it is necessary to live so that was not painfully hurt for taking the time misspent. The only thing that we know exactly what it is that the current 24 hours will never happen again. On what it is better to spend? Not in the spleen or the quarrels and disputes! Squeeze juice of sweet quintessence of every day and enjoy it.

3. Do not be jealous.
And do not compare my life with anyone else. Then you will not have to torture vanity, you will not be inadequate and feel better than others. On the other hand, you will never be tormented frustration and disappointment if suddenly seem that live worse than others. Do not do this foolish analysis, do not tempt your mind and do not hurt themselves. Your life - the only one, unique and incomparable to any other.

4. Be able to be friends.
Friendship - is the best antidote to loneliness. In the emotional life what you sow, so shall you reap. Just remember that as with any crop, sow something it is necessary, but the harvest is not always the same as expected. It's all like peasants or something hurt - hail flurry, frost or sow a bad ground, and friendship does not happen. And do not beat yourself up for it.

5. Act as tells you your moral standards.
The most important thing in life, to be in harmony with himself and with his conscience. Do not look at the opinion of other people, and do not let themselves be manipulated without your consent.
6. Look for good.
In life you have to be a real seeker of good, pleasant and kind. And the more will become engaged in it, the more you find. A critical attitude towards life and what is happening will fill the soul with bitterness and anger. Yet all around us it is the mass of surprising and good. Seek and you shall find.

7. Take care of your health.
A healthy mind - always and only in a healthy body. Make it a rule to do every day something for your health and body care. They will thank you for your attention.

8. Do good deeds.
No need to look for that special occasion. If you radiate good cheer, joy and positive energy around you, too, will be small miracles.

9. Cultivate a sense of humor.
If things in your life do not go as you would have liked to resort to a sense of humor whenever you can. Imagination brings a person to the fact that it does not have a sense of humor - so there. So it seems that Churchill once said, and it is better not say.

10. Open your soul spirituality.
As we remove the dirt from the body, it is necessary to purify the soul and the brain. What you need for this care? Meditation, meditation, relaxation. Meditate, think about the high, beautiful, spiritual, and eventually your soul and everything will be harmonious.


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