The Parable of the most beautiful woman.

Argued somehow man ... What is the most beautiful woman?
One loves the burning brown eyes, the other - blue as the sky, and the third - the emerald green.

One likes brunettes, another blonde, and the third in awe of red.

One admires the stately and high, the other - a small, light, elegant, and the third says - an ideal growth medium.

And each has its own signs seem to be the only true. All attempts to dissuade each other so useless and failed. We decided then friends, that someone has to judge them. They came to the unworldly old man and asked a question:

 - For a long time we have disputes, and still can not decide which is the most beautiful woman. Tell me, venerable man!

I looked at them, the elder, and a light smile, replied:

 - The most beautiful woman in the world that you love ...


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