Tips How to be good!

Learn how to be kinder - people differently will apply to you and you will be able to rethink yourself!
1. Be grateful for what you have! People used to take himself, his life and the people around, for granted. Find a couple of minutes a day to reflect on what you have and who or what you should be grateful for it!

2. THANKS! Do not keep a gratitude. Do not be lazy to say "Thank you!". Your friend gave you an umbrella on a rainy day? Thank him for it. Let him know that you appreciate his attitude. Even the most seemingly insignificant words of gratitude can make another person's day a little better!

3. Stop the judge! Anyone familiar with the expression, "Do not judge and not be judged." Do you like when you condemn? No? Then do not judge others, and all will benefit.

4. Be easy on the criticism. Constructive comments sometimes needed, but in all you need to know the measure. If the purpose of your criticism is a humble man, and not to show him his mistakes, then it is not a criticism, but an empty carping!

5. Treat with understanding! Each person has their own opinion, your view of the world. But this does not prevent you to listen to another's point of view and try to understand it. This will not only help you avoid many conflicts, but also to expand your knowledge. Only limited and stubborn people are afraid to hear the views different from their own!

6. Compliment! Rather than focus their attention on those little things that annoy you in others, focus it on what you like about them. It can be anything: a smile, hairstyle, voice, new shoes ... Once you find some kind of hell, pleasant to you, report it to its owner. Compliments work wonders. They can improve a person's mood for the whole day!

7. Make small good deeds! Pedestrians, if you're driving or hold the door in front of the supermarket elderly woman. The best way - to cheer yourself up - it's to please the other person!

8. Avoid conflicts! This does not mean that you should always turn to agree with all the deadhead. Just try not to waste your time and energy on useless conflicts that came to nothing lead. Accept the fact that there are people who will never understand you and who will never understand you. Accept it and your life will be much easier!

9. Be kind to yourself! Compassion - is an indivisible concept. That's how you treat others affects how you feel about yourself, and vice versa. If you are kind to yourself, you will be kind to others!


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