"Good people like the warm sun ..."

Good people like the warm sun,
Which, the clouds parted, coming out of the darkness.
When the whole world is laughing at your failure,
They have a kind word will warm in the middle of winter.

Good people do not usually immediately noticeable,
Do not walk into the eye as regrown fringe girls.
But in the moment they are not indifferent,
They sure look good with sadness.

Good people are naive and sentimental,
They love heart drowns grumbling mind.
Offenders evil they instantly forget,
They find it hard to believe in the sense insincerity and deception.

Good people often make mistakes in friends,
Not seeing that they are not compatible, using them.
Keenly felt the pain, happiness and harmony,
And know that there are many accidents, but there is no bad.

We can not always in their warm rays of the sun,
It is necessary, meeting the good become good!
Good people are always smiling heart,
And see the sullen bystanders - good people.

Irina Samarin maze

Preview: Lee White

via www.leewhiteillustration.com


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