8 ways how to do more by doing less!

1. Do not go to some meetings.
Meetings, meetings, meetings - it's just a storehouse of time spent in more productive. So it is necessary by something to give, or try to change something "in the construction».

2. Saying "No».
This is my favorite, unloved. Unloved - because to say "no" difficult favorite - because it saves a lot of time.

3. Do not do unnecessary work.
It seems that there still do it, showing initiative - and everyone will be happy. Yeah, no matter how wrong. Not only does the initiative is punishable, so also it turns out that it was not what you need. So every time you do something else, worth thinking about - too much can it?

4. a realistic plan and deadlines.
Often we try to "cram nevpihuemoe" in a short period of time. And when you realize that it still does not fit, we begin to try to finish it to the detriment of themselves, their desires, and is in principle possible. And why not just put it aside? Postpone a bit further? It is unlikely that someone will suffer.

5. Remove all distractions.
I'm not talking about colleagues, television or anything else is almost "rarity". We are talking about Twitter, Facebook, and even tons of mail that arrives every minute. We disconnect from the Internet - and work only for themselves. Believe me, the performance is not something that grows by 2 times, and much more. Some might argue that the letter coming - do not distract. But I know that many, even allocate a separate time to read mail, if they see a notification about this incoming letter will die of curiosity, did not read the letter yet. And it's a distraction.

6. The list of tasks.
If it will only include the necessary actions, the extra task will not be distracted.

7. Take breaks.
There is a big hello tomato technology. Still, if you're here 2 hours without a break, struggling with the same goal, by the end of the second hour of your productivity falls, and more and more it will fall.

8. The fight against procrastination.
Sometimes it is better to sit for 5-10 minutes nothing (absolutely nothing!) Doing without thinking, and very soon speak conscience - and very quickly want to do something.


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