Parable of Beauty.

- On the way was a girl, beautiful as a fairy. Suddenly she noticed that goes behind her man.
She turned around and asked:

- Tell me, why are you going with me?

The man replied:

- About the lady of my heart, your charm so irresistible that commands me to follow you.
About me say that I enjoyed playing the lute that is devoted to the secrets of the art of poetry, and that I am able to awaken in the hearts of women torments of love.
And I want to explain to you in love, because you have captivated my heart!

Belle stared at him for a while, then said:

- How could you fall in love with me? My younger sister is much prettier and more attractive to me. It comes after me, look at her.

The man stopped, then turned around, but saw only an ugly old woman in a patched cloak.
Then he hurried to catch up with her. Downcast eyes, he asked, voice, expressing humility:

- Tell me a lie could break you off the tongue?

She smiled and replied:

- You, my friend, too, did not tell me the truth when he swore in love. You know perfectly all the rules of love and pretend that your heart ablaze with love for me. How could you turn around to look at another woman?


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