UFO anniversary

Locals tend to believe that 60 years ago in the vicinity of the city crashed alien spacecraft. Skeptics believe that the weather balloon fell to the ground, or that have experienced war, but not the evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Events of 60 years ago right after the first reports of some accident in the vicinity of Roswell began to grow into fictional details. Local authorities across the United States in July 1947 received a lot of messages about the vision and even found a UFO.

As is evident from declassified archival materials FBI, in many cases, the "flying saucers" had a terrestrial origin. Somewhere behind the spaceship aliens took weather balloons or aircraft. In some cases, people find elementary forgery.

Despite the increasing popularity "rosvellskogo case", which was filmed on non-fiction and fiction films, wrote books and articles, the first evidence in the modern history of the UFO was a different matter.

It is believed that the first in the modern history of UFOs, namely the "flying saucer", saw the June 24, 1947 in Washington State Kenneth Arnold. Then he saw, nine mysterious objects that are moving at high speed near Mount Rainier, the highest point of the Cascade Mountains. It was after his evidence there were numerous reports of UFOs.


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