FIGURE after childbirth

Not every mother can boast that after the birth of her figure was better, or at least has not changed for the worse. How do you properly care for the breast to maximally preserve its shape?

Always keep your back straight, straightens his shoulders! Do not exert pressure on the chest and folding three times when feeding a child or rocking him. Put on her lap (under the baby) pillow or lie down on the bed, and put the child beside him.

Bra must be special for feeding. Wear it should be already in the hospital, preferably until the milk, and wear - before the end of the nursing period or until the milk will disappear. Bust should be in good shape to maintain the breast from all sides and have wide straps. By the way, nekormyaschim mothers until they have milk, too, can be worn such an option. Some experts recommend wearing it, even at night, but it is a matter of convenience and personal choice. If you have a need for pumping, do it without hands, and with the help of modern breast pumps, breast while keeping the best. And do not forget about posture during the process!

Support breast and can be as different creams for stretch marks (which he borrowed and can be a preventive measure for six months after birth), and special designed to improve the shape and the breast skin. Just remember to make sure that the cream does not contain substances that are not compatible with breastfeeding! And do not fall for advertising various miracle funds pledged increase in three sizes for three days. If such an effective and safe agent was really invented plastic surgery breast would have long since faded.

There are a number of exercises to help tighten the chest and improve its shape. With them you can really achieve good results. The main thing - do them all the time.
Do not forget that exercise, doctors recommend two months after birth, starting with the minimum and gradually increasing the load. For moms who have had a cesarean section, the beginning of training is delayed for a longer period.
The most simple and effective exercises - pushups. Arms bent at the elbows, knees. Try feeding, rather than the chin touching the floor (back straight, do not bend!). Start with so many repetitions, with a can, and add a day at a time. Next, a more "advanced" version of this exercise - not your elbows out to the sides, and are parallel to the torso.
You can also alternate push-ups with other exercises. Starting position: lying down, feet wider than shoulders, feet rest on the toes, arms straight in front of him. You raise your shoulders, keeping the blade, then return to the starting position.
If push-ups are hard, there is a simple, but no less effective exercise. Put feet shoulder-width apart, elbows to the sides (prayer pose), palm pinch right in front of the chest and squeeze them struggling for 20 seconds. Relax and repeat this exercise several times a day for 30-40 repetitions.
You can also take the expander or dumbbells. Lie on your back, take a dumbbell, arms out to the side. Then connect them on yourself, spend 2 series of 10 times. Next to its original position: hands with dumbbells over head. You pick them up and connect to the waist, over the other. Another option: hands free to lie on the floor, then lift them above his head and lower back. Do 2 sets of 10 times.
With expanders can also engage standing, placing elbows parallel to the floor and stretching his hands as much as possible. Alternatively, you can lie down, picking up the expander and stretching it lying down, and the lower will be the hands, the harder it will exercise. And you get double the result: it simultaneously with the muscles you train chest and arm muscles!


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