Blonde and programmer

On Friday evening, I had an accident. She died my favorite laptop. And we agreed to meet in the evening Lёshkoy chatting and ... well, you know ... In short, a tragedy approaching uzhasnenkaya. What to do? I called Andryushka - our systems analyst to work, and began to ask him - Andryushenka, help, like, agree on everything ... and so on. For some reason he said he just loves blondes ... I, of course, was very nice, but it seemed that he once sarcastically said ... Well, never mind. Andryushenka, I say, do the something! And then the personal life is on fire! He said that now I try to log in remotely ... I replied that, like, not against Wirth ... but not so fast! And Lyoshka waiting. He mumbled something else nice about blondes ... and began pounding on the keys.
And then suddenly he said that his aypishnika not fit into my Proxy ... and as always all through the ass ... I did not understand what he meant ... but when he said that you have to have sex ... I just realized ... and realized that it is necessary ... Why not do for a loved one? Beloved nouta. But I do not want to through the ass, and I timidly asked - maybe vsyo same proxy? In response, he began to shout, and finally behaved so orally, I realized that it is better to keep silent, and that one asshole I do not shake.
Okay, I say Andryushenka I agree on everything, but do to the laptop worked. He says -'ll be right there. Well, clear the stump, I think, for such a case it is necessary to come, not yet Wirth.
But just in case I asked - but what about protection? He replied that Casper had been worth it, and how to come - I zalёt. I thought - On!
Maybe he's really a good guy? Casper And he ... has ... Well, if he was so unbearable ... but with such IPs ... well, let them unprotected.
Andrei came quickly. And right to the Note, at me I did not even look. And I was in a dressing gown ... I ask - Andryushenka, how are you? It is responsible - with Hardy's all right ... Well, I taught English at school, and immediately guessed what he was ... and that Kasper had Veri hard ...
But he immediately said that I have the wood curves ... So I do not understand - is he talking about? I do not have any firewood. About legs, or what? So all I am told that my feet ... Andryushenka, saying that with the wood something ?? And he said - never mind, I now you zalyu zalёsh ... Yes, of course, Andryushenka, at least right now, and I have very like ...
And he was sitting, a pancake, but knocking on the keys! Andrei, I say, come on now is closer to the proxy! And he said - that this sausage a proxy, your? But how can I say, I whetted - and he does not come off by nouta way! In short, I came up to him and sat her on his proxies right knee ...
In general, boys and girls, everything was wonderful. IPs in it - just a class, it is very hard. This Casper. And in the proxy it was great, and even through the ass did not have to. And laptop earned. It turned out he just some postings disappeared.

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