Foundation Fascinating Womanhood

You need to take a man on the nominal exchange rate, ie, for what it is, and not try to change it. This is the key to a happy marriage and the foundation of "The charm of femininity." Therefore, if you want to see your marriage happy, take her husband for what it is, and not try to change it.
Adoption means that you acknowledge his human being who, just like you, is half merits, half - of the drawbacks. It's a fair opinion. You understand that it has flaws, but to focus on its merits. You take the whole person, with all its valuable qualities, and with all his human weaknesses.
To better understand what adoption, draw in your mind the image of a man and a thought in the middle of the line, which divides it into two equal parts. Imagine that one side is painted in bright colors, is his dignity; the other, painted in a dark color - its shortcomings. Then remove the dark side of the field of view so that you can only see the bright side. You know that there is a dark side, but you do not look at her. You only see the bright side. Adoption means that you accept him as a human being, which is half of the virtues, half - of the shortcomings; You stop worrying about his weaknesses and focus on its best qualities.


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