What frequency to adjust?

Time devoted to prayer and meditation, is deducted from your age - in fact in such moments the body does not get old. How is that possible? This question tried to answer in 1957 Japanese psychiatrist Kasamatsu. He took off his electroencephalogram (EEG), a Buddhist monk, practicing Zen meditation, and found a dramatic increase in alpha activity.
After 9 years spent Kasamatsu advanced experiment by connecting your colleague named Hirai. Together they passed through the electroencephalograph 48 monks and their disciples, and the EEG recorded before, during and after meditation. Although all participants were immersed into it with your eyes open (usually alpha rhythm does not appear until the vision works), splash relaxing waves arise already at 50 seconds after entering into a meditative state. Their amplitude first increases and then decreases, becoming a background activity, and the fore theta rhythm that established the deep inner concentration.

Only in the alpha state, get in touch with subcortical centers that control internal organs and metabolic processes, people really control nature. He can make the heart beat slower or faster, reduce fever and jumped up pressure, forcing the body to burn fat, turning it into muscle, skin order to smooth and taut, and headache - Into Thin Air.
Each of us unwittingly falls into the alpha state when asleep, balancing between dream and reality - the alpha and beta waves.

Alpha rhythm (8-14 Hz) Contemplation, service, support, sattva guna.
Alpha rhythm is responsible for the relaxation of the human brain and the balance between excitation and quiet. Recorded in 85-95% of healthy adults. It is best expressed in the occipital. The largest amplitude α-rhythm is in a state of quiet wakefulness, especially with closed eyes in the darkened room. Blocked or attenuated with increasing attention (especially visual) or mental aktivnosti.Mozg works in this range, building bridges between the conscious and the subconscious, when you dream or meditate calmly about something at the intersection of dream and reality. Alpha rhythm heals and brings to you tips of the subconscious, helps to remember dreams, as well as images and thoughts visiting during meditation. In moments of immersion in an intermediate state between sleeping and waking body itself restores and rejuvenates.


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