How to attract good luck?

A simple meditation technique will allow you to achieve the desired :)

Before you start to meditate to bring good luck, you need to create a comfortable atmosphere with dim lights and a quiet music. It is advisable to do the exercise in the traditional lotus position on a special mat. Analyzing read, let us denote the sequence of actions:

 - Close your eyes and do 10 quiet breaths, feeling the body is filled with energy. Alternately relax all parts of the body.
 - At the level of our brow chakra Ajna there, the ability to regulate brain processes. Try to imagine the chakra opposite the picture of the result achieved your dream.
 - The mood is accompanied by psychological state of the desired visualization, combined with correct breathing technique and maximum relaxation.
 - Imagine a very bright and vivid drawings execution of your desires, feel every movement, objects, colors and smells.
 - Secure your free mind on positive enthusiastic feelings, remember them, and do not let go.
Continuing to breathe properly and uniformly, visualize clearly the object of your desire (medal, cup), and you will certainly gain the victory in reality!


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