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Difficult times during eclipses in 2012 - is in November ... November 13 when the sun comes, and on the 28th of November - a lunar eclipse.
Mercury retrograde - slowing down all kinds of information of transportation services, creating a mental panic. But in general - common sense will win.
December 22, 2012 Sun and Moon are in the constellations ruled by the planet Ketu - a mule and Ashwins. Mula - is the beginning of the root of all nachal- and Ashwins - a heavenly healers. Outside leaves our fundamental individuality which is for us the physician themselves, but what will not work for someone - albeit only himself to blame.

Maya people in his calendar set a date December 22, 2012, as a point of transition from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun, which represents Pyatoe- Lies, and the sixth - Hope ... Maya peoples of the Fifth Sun lasted 5126 years.
By the way, according to the Vedic calendar, according to the Puranas, that's when the era of Kali Yuga (false) that the Gregorian calendar will last 432,000 years ... and the first of 5000 expired.

In the Brahma Purana vaivarta, Krishna tells his wife that after the first 5,000 years will begin the era of the thaw in 10,000 years. This trend will begin with the transition of the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.
It was in this period will be returned awareness, memory and a deep understanding of Unity. The spiritual consciousness live there will be extreme changes. Scientists talk about transformation - people can see your spiritual self.


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