An unexpected pregnancy of Paris Hilton


Scandalous socialite Paris Hilton does not cease to haunt obschestvennost.Esli rumored rich blonde pregnant. Paris was one of the bars of Los Angeles in a slinky dress, under which lurks a distinctly characteristic tummy.

A spokesman for the star denies rumors successor actively, although the Paris spoke about motherhood in a recent interview and expressed a desire to acquire a large family.

"I really want to have a baby, but not now, now I'm too busy. I think this step I'll be ready next year, "- said in an interview with Paris British journal Heart.

Recall that Paris and her boyfriend Benji Madden once found only three months, but already accompanies Benji Paris all trips abroad, including numerous visits to Russia, and lives with her in Los Angeles. The couple does not leave for a minute, while Paris itself states that had never been so happy.

"We are very much in love. Every day Benji gives me romantic gifts and wrote beautiful letters. He has a heart of gold, "- he told the magazine Paris US Magazin.

Recall that adds to the charm of the situation by the fact that Bunji - musician group Good Charlotte, has a twin brother Joel, who recently married the best friend Nicole Richie Paris. In January, Nicole and Doel daughter.

We can only guess whether going to Paris to make the company Nicole and devote themselves to motherhood, or is another provocation, so beloved blonde star.


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