Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

Paris and Nicole, Paris and Lindsay, Paris and Britney - all these girlfriends veselushka come to mind when the subject comes up about the harmful effects of the heiress to the Hilton multimillion-dollar state immature minds famous girls. But there's another couple of "thick as thieves", which once existed in show business. I think you have already guessed that we are talking about Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. It is now all so perfect Kimberly - does not drink, does not smoke and always looks great, but 5 years ago (25-26 years), it was more of the party girl. And you did not see the photo, as Kardashian suppresses vodka? If not, now we will fix this annoying omission.

I do not know, like Paris and Kim met (say, that since childhood they have been friends since their families communicate with each other), but I do know that in the period 2006-2008. they were best friends. Friendship came to an end when Paris felt that Kim becomes more popular it. Kardashian wore on all the covers, and the "era of Paris Hilton" was completed. Suffer the Paris fiasco could not and decided to break a friendship in the hope that Kim will no longer be interested in the paparazzi.

Joint photo of Girlfriends Past:

Who would have thought that they were even holding pens ...

This is how Kim loved to rest:

At the beginning of 2011 - Paris decided to apologize to Kim for such an attitude and said he did not want to fight anymore, what Kim graciously nodded and took an apology. Despite the fact that Paris and Kim Kardashian peers now much more interesting people, and they believe Hilton "last century". By the way, it was rumored that Kim and Paris had a falling out over a man, but surely say is true or not can not.

That's because this "handsome" could flare up all the fuss:

And a photo where they are strangers to each other people:


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