Paris Hilton has told about the sufferings of prison

Socialite Paris Hilton said that a 23-day stay in a women's prison Linwood her very "traumatic" but "God works in mysterious ways." This was fascinated by religion, party girl told in the first after release from prison interview with famous TV host Larry King on the TV channel CNN, reports BBC.

Hilton pointed out that less is going to have fun in the clubs, and intends to begin "to behave more responsibly." Paris said it wants people to know through what she went through, adding that he did not deserve this. "I think that the punishment does not correspond to the crimes I committed. I do not think that deserves prison, "- said the Hilton during hour-long interview.

About nightmares and claustrophobic

Heir said that while in prison she had fits of panic, and she dreamed of nightmares: party girl seemed that someone wants to get to her cell and hurt her.

In addition, because of the size of the room melenkih in which lived accustomed to the roomy interior socialite, she developed claustrophobia. To deal with the claustrophobia, Paris took notes in personal diary and thought that is not in prison, and in some other "special" place. "The first few days after the return of the camera were horrible, I could not sleep," - said the girl.

Despite the difficulties in prison, his bitter experience Hilton calls "good", as learned a lot and learned lessons from it. At socialite was a time to reflect on his own life. She also wrote a note, which gave her the opportunity to "feel like a journalist." "I felt that I had started a new life: I was in prison and thinking about who I am and who I want to be. It means more to me than many people think ».

According to the heiress, she really helped letters which she always received from his fans, among which there were even US soldiers serving in Iraq. "The experience helped me to grow up and grow up ... I get a lot of letters from mothers whose daughters follow my example. I want to become for them a good role model. " "I was surprised that letters critical of my address was not - I expected," - said Hilton.

In addition, during their stay in the Empire Hotel heiress constantly read the Bible. "The camera could not bring my books, but I ordered a Bible in the prison library," - she said.

According to her, in prison she was treated the same way as with other prisoners. Clothing and furnishings in the chamber were also standard - Paris wearing an orange robe and lay on the bed next to the toilet, sink and a small table, said RIA "Novosti". Paris promised in the future to open a rehabilitation center for women who passed through the prison.

About alcoholism and drug

Hilton says he never tried drugs. According to her, unfortunately, she is forced to make a child strong pills. "I suffer from a syndrome of scattered attention, so at age 12 I was prescribed special medicines," - said Hilton.
She noted that her disease is in prison "hurt" her, as a person with such a diagnosis can not do without treatment in detention she was difficult to "concentrate", "be careful," says KP.

Guest CNN denies widespread belief that "a lot of drinking." Hilton said she never got drunk, and what happened to her (driving a car in a drunken state), it was the first time. American star stressed that people sometimes make "crazy things" and say "crazy things." "For example, I was surprised when I read in the newspaper that I was there, where I had actually seen me so something with someone could not see," - she added.

About family and children

One outcome socialite stay in prison was that she was going to get married and to have children. "Unfortunately, the press makes any relationship loud stories, so be near me hard. But I want to find someone who will love me for who I am, not paying attention to all this. I want a big family, a lot of children. Did I get married in the next couple of years ", - said Hilton.

At the end of an interview with Larry King he promised to Paris and all viewers TV shows do not get behind the wheel drunk.


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