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A flurry of new photos brought down on his followers on Twitter winged love Paris Hilton. Now, the strong man's shoulder 31-year-old socialite was much younger, because Hilton meets 21-year-old Spanish male model The river Viper. Where she picked it remains a mystery, but now, even with a strong desire, it is from him hardly get off: River stuck like a limpet. The truth is now Paris on the seventh heaven and the best pass for himself does not see any meter or a kilometer, so get rid of the boyfriend she's not going. I think their romance ends prosaic: it will become more or less popular, its money to him bored and / or is he just fell in love with a girl, the same age. There are many options, but it is possible that everything will result in chic wedding and a bunch of small PerisRiverchikov. Although hard to believe in the past ...

Halloween 2012:

With her younger sister Nicky Hilton:

River to Paris as good friends, he's happy to withstand long hours of shopping. No matter how crazy the boy)


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