Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) was the main model at fashion show Triton

In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo held a fashion show on Canadian fashion brand Triton. The show is called trivial Triton Fashion Show.

For Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) is the second exit on the catwalk in clothes famous brand. As befits this socialite - that she became a top model show. Paris first came to the podium. According to her, the American public loves to Sao Paulo and is ready to come here as often as possible. According to tradition, immediately after the show tweeted on her page there was a note: "The show was as always on top! Wonderful people and beautiful clothes "Fashion means too much to me." If you look closely to the figure of Paris, you will see that its rounded shape and it really put on weight. They say that when a woman in love - she is gaining weight :)


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