Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) became the owner of a racing team

And not just a socialite bought the team competing in motorcycle racing, and even renamed it.

Last season, this team also existed, though under a different name - BQR. Now the team will be known as «SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton». The idea with the acquisition of Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) did not come by itself. The proposal came from an affiliate company engaged in the promotion of the Miss Hilton. At the presentation of celebrities she appeared in a white tight pants and showed a neckline that few people watched the motorcycle on which she sat. Team «SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton» in the next year starts in a small class of the World Championship on the highway-circular races of MotoGP. The presentation, by the way, took place in Madrid.

Also in Madrid, but in the night club Fabrik organized a grand party to celebrate all this business :)


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