Paris Hilton wanted to open his own hotel chain

reality TV star, fashion designer and socialite Paris Hilton has announced its intention to create your own hotel chain. Family empire Hilton hotel chain Hilton, may acquire a competitor in the face of a family member. "I've done almost everything I could, but my next project should be a property. Since I am from birth is involved in the hotel business, he was always interested me, "- said" the queen of parties. " "Definitely, my next step should be to create its own network of hotels", - added the girl. The famous hotel chain Hilton no longer belongs to the family members. In 2007, Barron Hilton, son of the founder Conrad Hilton hotel empire and grandfather of Paris, sold the company to an investment fund Blackstone. From that transaction heiress did not gain anything. Grandfather found it that unlucky granddaughter spots reputation illustrious family, and bequeathed to pass all state charities. Barron Hilton especially angered home video Paris and arrested for drunk driving. Today the network Hilton is one of the largest in the world. Under the brand of familial discovered more than 3,500 hotels in 81 countries. In Russia, the company operates two hotels: "Leningrad" in Moscow and the Hilton Garden Inn Perm Perm. Planned the opening of hotels in Omsk, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk, Gelendzhik, Sochi and other cities.


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