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Here are a few stories of the creation of the famous brands that I found interesting. I hope that you will be interested in reading.


Somehow American Roy Raymond decided to buy his wife a gift beautiful lingerie. After wandering around the shops and quite a loss in a woman's world, he left empty-handed, but with the idea to create a lingerie store, where a man will feel comfortable. So Roy opened his first store «Victoria's Secret» in 1977.

Roy Raymond


The real coup was the idea of ​​the order of underwear through catalogs. But five years later, due to financial complications he sells Leslie Wexner company for $ 4 million. Wexner also rejects the idea of ​​"paradise for men", and focuses on the female audience, knowing that any woman to strive for something beautiful and exclusive.


Brand to become one of the most famous brands of underwear and Roy Raymond in 1993, jumping from the bridge Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, after several failed business ventures.



When Franklin Mars was little, he was diagnosed with polio, and he stopped going to school because he could walk only with crutches. At this time he began his acquaintance with sweets, helping her mother in the kitchen, which made sweets at home. At age 19, he began to sell sweets, but in 28 years (1911) opens his own business with his first wife, Ethel, opened a confectionery shop in his home.

Franklin Mars


They have a son, Forrest Mars, it was he who "push" his father to create the now existing bars. One day while walking, Forrest asks his father to buy him chocolate, and while the chocolate sold by weight and especially in the summer days it was uncomfortable to eat, afraid to get dirty quickly due tayavshego chocolate. Franklin comes the idea, why not sell chocolate in foil, so was born the first chocolate bar «Milky Way». After 5 years, bar becomes a bestseller, appearing later Mars and Snickers bars (the name of your favorite horse family Mars).

Forrest Mars


But the development and growth of the company does not end there. Forrest Mars, the son of Franklin along with William Murray makes the company «M & M» (Mars and Murray) and releases new candy M & M's. Then bought the company «Uncle Ben's». Begins to produce animal feed, such as «Pedigree» and «Whiskas».



Later, he combines both companies «Mars» and «M & M» (which is fully owned by him) into one company, which today is one of the largest companies in the world and owned by members of one family.



After the First World War, Adolf "Adi" Dassler decided to open a family business making shoes. Time was heavy, and their first product (slippers and orthopedic footwear) made from military uniforms, and the soles of the tires. Later, the family joined the elder brother Adolf, Rudolf.

Adolf "Adi" Dassler



After Adolf invents the first soccer shoes with spikes in the world and they are the few athletes at the Olympic Games, the company's sales «Dassler» significantly increased. But in 1948, after the death of his father, brothers quarreling, and each takes Factory. Adolf called his firm «Adidas» (briefly on his own behalf "Adi" and the names of "Das" was originally Addas), and Rudolf - «Puma» (though initially he called Ruda). Since ceased to exist brand «Dassler», the brothers never spoke to each other, and their firm became competitors. It is said that even now an employee of one company expects immediate dismissal if he will be seen in the shoes or clothing produced competitor.



Later, the son of Adolf Horst create a brand for diving «Arena», but in 1987, Horst was dying of cancer, and in 1990 the company «Adidas» sold separately sold and the brand «Arena». So the company «Adidas» ceased to be a family business family Dassler. By the way, at the moment the company «Adidas» belongs «Reebok».



In the early 20s Hugo (Hugo) Ferdinand Boss founded a small business, making his work clothes, not knowing that in the future things with his name on the label will be of ministers and presidents. In 1931, he was on the verge of bankruptcy because of the economic situation in Germany, and in agreement with the creditors, he left 6 sewing machines to start all over again. During this time he received an order to manufacture uniforms for the German party organizations. With the onset of World War II, he received an order for sewing uniforms for the Wehrmacht, and during the war at its factory employed 30 to 40 prisoners of war and forced about 150 workers from the Baltic countries, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and the former the Soviet Union. According to the German historian Henning Kober, Boss was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler, and he was even a joint photo with him.


After the war, Hugo was fined 100 thousand marks for collaborating with the Nazis and was denied the right to run their business. In 1948, he dies and his son decided to revive the business. In 1953, he released his first men's suit. Since 2000, the company is in the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future", created by large firms in Germany to make payments to former forced laborers during World War II.



Returning from the war in 1918 at the age of 31 years, Conrad Hilton decides to open his own business, but he discovered the bank did not last a year, and he becomes bankrupt, and left in his pocket $ 5,000. With this money, he went to Texas town of Cisco, going there to buy a new bank. When looking for accommodation, it comes at a local hotel «Mobley» and he was surprised huge number of people in the lobby, the desired number. After the crowd of customers - it's always a real dream of every businessman, and he decides to buy a 40-bed hotel.

Conrad Hilton


First, he increases the number of beds is located in the lobby of the small windows, from newspapers to sell toothpaste. He continues to buy small hotels Texas, and after 6 years in 1925 opened the first hotel of its name «Dallas Hilton». In 1929 the country an economic crisis and two years later Conrad loses the right to his own company «Hilton Hotels».

«Waldorf Astoria»


Over time, the new owners of the crisis, offered to buy Conrad network again, he begins to gradually redeem their hotels and the hotels even competitors, so in 1949, Hilton buys the most luxurious hotel in New York «Waldorf Astoria». And now, we know that the hotel chain Hilton is the most popular in the world. So sometimes fall does not mean a complete collapse.



Harlan Sanders became a millionaire when he was already over 60 years, and up to this point, he lived quite poorly. When he was 6 years old, his father died in the 7th grade, he was expelled from school. When his mother remarried, his stepfather beat him, which is why he ran away from home and falsified his date of birth, drafted into the army at the age of 16 years. Over the years it has changed a lot of work. In 1930, at the height of the Great Depression, he opened a workshop and after a while decides to make a small dining room for clients, highlighting one of the rooms in the other rooms had lived his wife and children. Shop soon became famous for its fried chicken dubbed «Kentucky Fried Chicken», roasted in seasoning containing 11 different spices, so far this recipe is a trade secret.



Already in 1937 he bought a motel on the opposite street, extends the restaurant on 142 places and calls it «Sanders Court & Cafe». And in 1952 he opened a fast food restaurant «KFC». In Russia, this network has been presented under the name "ROSTIK-KFC» logo and chicken, but in August 2011, the network decided to renew the style restaurants KFC and change to the logo depicting Harlan Sanders.

The next part of "Famous Brands" is about the logos of famous companies. And if someone has read the story about the wishes of a certain brand, it is accepting applications for the next part.


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