DOTS Cruz - the new face of Victoria's Secret

For the model to participate in displays of elite brands of lingerie Victoria's Secret is already making a career and become world famous. If designers Victoria's Secret «dig" some unknown models, it suddenly becomes a star, its fees soar to the heavens, and all the famous fashion house to sleep Woman million contract. In the world of fashion new star - Victoria's Secret has introduced a new angel.

New Angel - a 23-year-old Dutch DOTS Cruz. Surely you about it have not heard, but after a couple of months, her face will flash in advertising major brands and glossy magazines. 23-year-old Cruz was born in the Netherlands, in the town Oostimeer. Unlike most models, which opens on the streets managers elite modeling agencies. For example, Giselle Bundchen found at McDonald's, and Kate Moss - at the airport.

DOTS hit the fashion world without any help, she sent the photos to the agency to earn money for new clothes. On low-quality images captured by ordinary soap, she was not even in a bikini or other revelations version - plain white T-shirt and jeans.

But the true beauty can not be hidden, so that the photos produced in the agency bombshell, and the girl immediately contacted to avoid being intercepted by managers from other agencies.

"Angels» Victoria's Secret - this is the most famous model with the status of supermodels. Among the "angels" past and present - the top model of the world and the most highly paid fashion model Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum German named this year's most beautiful model of the world, Adriana Lima - mannequin with the longest legs in the world.


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