The worst drivers in Hollywood (28 pics + text)

Some stars are successful hits to the head, they lose touch with reality and cease to adhere to traffic rules. How do you - night driving in the opposite lane with the headlights off? Or drunk the race on the "Bentley"? Before you - the top worst drivers in Hollywood.

The most persistent among Hollywood star Mel Gibson has appeared. But it's not that he does not indulge in alcohol before you get behind the wheel.

In July 2006, its carrier at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour the car stopped by a police patrol, the officer politely asked to be tested for alcohol. Here's the artist and showed remarkable resistance: almost an hour in a row he tried to explain the order of guards thickly that absolutely sober. And when he realized that his charm on the traffic police for some reason does not work, the actor publicly accused the Jews that ever occurred in the world wars.

Officers found in the "Lexus" Gibson opened bottle of tequila. Mel chubby paid a fine, and then he had a long time to apologize to the Jewish people.

Rowan Atkinson is interested in collecting cars, he has a lot of them, and he loves to mess with them personally "bring them to mind" after the shooting.

The jewel of his collection was the exclusive McLaren F1. The cost of the car - almost a million dollars. But soon after purchase Atkinson crashed the car into smithereens. Himself, fortunately, has not received significant injuries.

Another time, he took part in amateur racing on his Aston Martin. On the second turn he crashed into another car, after which it could not recover the car.

In a car crash, which occurred on October 12 last year, miraculously survived the actor Orlando Bloom.

But his companion was not so lucky: with serious injuries were hospitalized.

The test did not reveal the actor's blood alcohol or drugs, but the rights taken from him.

Singer George Michael often sits behind the wheel of his car tipsy. His actions celebrity argues very simply: "I am no different from the average person. Everybody does stupid things for which, of course, need to answer ┬╗.

With these words, George received the sentence imposed on him in 2007 for drunk driving. One hundred days of community service in a London homeless shelter - an excellent opportunity to reflect on the life of "the common man" and his "nonsense┬╗ ...

Everyone's favorite "Die Hard" Bruce Willis - known connoisseur of expensive cars. In his collection has a Ford Shelby Mustang GT, Chevrolet Sorvette convertible, Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad and other cars with which Bruce connected many different memories.

A serious man, a wonderful actor. But, oddly enough, Bruce often had to pay fines. To urge on their favorite of slightly drunk - perhaps the favorite entertainment Willis, for which sometimes has to pay dearly.

Mickey Rourke has become a regular at places not so remote thanks to its numerous attempts to escape from the police car driving in a drunken state.

The last "bad check" for the actor ended only probation he got a decent fine and 50 hours of community service.

Whatever may be said about celebrity useful experience of public works, and truth be concealed anywhere: stars often go to great lengths just to evade the execution of the sentence. How to do it successfully demonstrated the star of highest-grossing films "Resident Evil" and "Lost" Michelle Rodriguez.

In 2005, Michelle was convicted of drunken driving. As punishment chose community service. The prospect of dirty work came so not like the actress that she submitted to the court a false certificate, which dealt with the conscientious performance of the sentence. When the truth came out all the same, for his ingenuity Michel has already received prison sentences.

If given a medal for the arrests, actress Vivica Fox ("Do not Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood," "Kill Bill 2", "Batman and Robin") could head to toe hung with these awards.

Most often, Fox comes to the guards about driving while intoxicated. But that Vivica soak the last time being a drunk, a star at high speed rammed his car ... a car police patrol. Luckily, all survived.

Even pregnant Star pofigliganit away on the road. Nicole Richie, being in an interesting position, drove in the night on the wrong side, not including lights. When it stopped, it was found that her blood alcohol level is unacceptably high.

Having punishment - 4 days in prison, Nicole spent behind bars just over an hour. It should be noted that the stars in America produced so quickly because they are the stars, but because the US prisons are overcrowded. Releasing at fault prematurely there is a standard practice.

No less scandalous film star Lindsay Lohan is also not averse to drive drunk. 21-year-old actress last year alone was twice fined for driving while intoxicated.

In addition to paying a fine decent Lindsey had a good spend on repairing your Mercedes, where it crashed into a tree. But a few months later he showed Lohan again dashing temper, "tipsy" pursued the car his mother's former assistant. The level of alcohol in the blood over the normal women several times, moreover, the car has been found cocaine.

For such "entertainment" Lindsay Lohan received three years probation. She has stayed in prison for about a day and get a referral to be treated for alcohol addiction. Also, it waited two weeks of hard labor. The actress had to change his profession to the position of workers and morgue assistant at the center of a blood transfusion.

The head of the scandalous celebrity representative "golden youth" Paris Hilton. In the car park of beauty are Bentley Continental GTC Convertible, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Range Rover, and dozens of other luxury cars. Hilton manages to constantly get into all sorts of scrapes. According to the very "Chocolate blonde 's just no luck: every time she gets behind the wheel of your car, always happens something extraordinary.

The three-year suspended sentence for driving a car in a drunken state. This verdict was passed by Paris Hilton in January 2007. As soon dosidev before the end of the hearing, she dashed off to raise your bad mood. This is where it and waited for the next trouble: DPS officers stopped the Hilton for speeding and driving at night without lights. In response to a request to show the documents filed Paris police invalid law. Then the blonde waiting is not conditional, but quite real conclusion.

But Miss Hilton has once again managed to avoid severe punishment. Instead of 23 days, which Paris had to spend in prison, the star was there for a little over two days, after which she was released early. Young hotel empire heiress did not appreciate the effort prison cooks, refusing to eat. As a result of the two-day fasting, the actress started to have problems with health. Taking into account its good behavior, as well as the poor condition of 26-year-old Paris was given parole. It is said that this girl in jail with her fragile mental organization felt so depressed that after the liberation she had seen a therapist.

Last September saw the detention of socialite for a significant speeding and drunken driving. As a result, the blonde was deprived of a driving license, Hilton received regular probation for a period of 36 months and a fine of $ 1,500.


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