Crashed Lamborghini Comedy Club residents

The idea of ​​a ride on a luxury convertible comes to mind to many Russians in the early summer. Wind and sun behind the wheel and the residents wanted a TV show Comedy Club. At the time of the festival "Big Komediyskie Games in Greece 2008" Two Comedian - Roman Yunusov and Mitya Khrustalev - decided to rent the most luxurious convertible that can be found throughout the Greek coast.

Referring to the rolling office, the Russians have issued all the necessary documents, but the car just was not available. A rare and very expensive convertible were delivered from the Greek capital. The whole day passed in expectations car-dream - the press service of the Comedy Club.


At the appointed time under the applause of his friends went to the office humor firm dealing rental VIP-cars. However, leave supercar failed. Without any jokes manager he said that they ordered a car involved in an accident a few kilometers away. As a result, residents of the popular TV show had to ride a bike, and the dream of Lamborghini postponed for another time.
The car, which was unable to test the humorists, is one of the most powerful and fastest convertibles in the world. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in the EU is more than 180 thousand euros. V-shaped 10-cylinder engine with a displacement of about 5 liters develops 520 hp

Speed ​​of 100 km / h, this convertible dials 4, 3 seconds. After 10 seconds after liftoff from a place Gallardo racing with the speed above 160 km / h. Top speed is 314 km / h. With this style of driving should be ready for consumption and more than 25 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers


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