Why Women Men

The fact that they have - warm her hands, and we have - cold fingers.
They are strong and can lift us.
One day they will understand (even for a moment) that are better than us - no.
They have Principles for.
Sometimes they wash dishes.
They are above us and can get a book with turning upper shelves.
They give us their very cool T-shirts.
When they speak out, "I love you", it seems that you have.
They can installipovat Windows.
They know and can even explain that when a person is alone, he - man.
They pposchayut us our feminism, although we have noticed them nothing
They kiss us on the forehead when they can not stay.
They think that there are things, which was then we will never understand, and the only reason
we all understand. They put us on knees puki.
They maniacal persistence willing to pay for our coffee, although themselves
no longer understand why.
Their tears flow from his eyes when The wind is blowing strong.
They go to the store when there is rain.
They want to have our fotogpafii. They remember about us is not something that we are - about themselves.
They do not see ppichin our diet.
They are silent, when we speak out of stupidity. Although, when we speak out something
smart, they too are silent.
They know better than we do: maybe chepez hundred years, maybe with some d.puguyu
planets, but they call.
They go to war, if there is a war.
They do not notice ispopchenny makeup.
They pretend that they are not pulled ppazdnik 8 mapta.
They want to change our lives.
In the shop the last money potpatyat chocolate.
They never learn passtegivat bras.
Their pazdpazhaet if we do not wear a bra, but not pazdpazhaet if not
wear the wrong woman.
They think not only about love.
They love their moms gopazdo stronger than us - their dads.
Deep down, they know how to ppishivat buttons.
They do not distinguish Allways by Kotex.
They may zapposto ppiznatsya themselves that their goal in life is one - to sleep with us.
They pull us out of foreign guests to take home and nakpyvayut blanket.
They sometimes pposto nakpyvayut us a blanket.
They love our voices.
They do not care that we speak out.
They do not always have to aepopopt ppovozhayut but always vstpechalis.
They buy us sigapety and dresses.
They think that our bags are heavy, but they pyadom.
They do not want to be like us, and we to them - want.
They smotpit when we speak out 's see ».
They are silent when we kpichim.
When they leave, we stay.
When we think about our pposhlogo life, we think of them.
They can count.
They can dpatsya.
Cassettes and CDs they always coincide with kopobkami.
They think quickly to us.
They give their names to our children.
They do things, which was then we gopdimsya.
They travel with us for a vacation.
They're funny…


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