7 Secrets of male psychology, which will open the girls eyes to the truth

We, the girls, so bring: man must take the initiative to call first to be invited to a meeting. That is intended that any guy absolutely confident, enterprising and in the soul of a little invader. But let's face it: not every representative of the male fits this description. And not even every second. < Website lists the weaknesses of men, of which you may have never thought of. This collection will help you understand the features of male psychology and feel more confident in communicating.

H-cdn.coMuzhchiny at risk of failure is much more common than zhenschinyEsli and women have a distinct advantage, then here it is: women are much less likely to have to deal with rejection than men. If a woman does not want to take the first step towards the man, it can in many ways to hint to him that waits for him the first step, without risking anything. If this does not work, another man might be bolder. She may not be a great choice, but the she will still be a choice, especially if it understands how to show man the green light.

For the man is still a little different. No matter how long it builds female eyes, this it must first go, he should kiss her and he should invite her to the cafe. For many men, self-confidence is not natural. However, to have the courage to approach a girl, confidence is needed. This can sometimes be an insurmountable obstacle for a man.

So, in order to succeed in their personal lives, men have to take risks more often than women. Think about this the next time you're frustrated indecision guy, and show him my position more clearly.
< br> Men are more difficult to attract Caution If a woman wants to go on a date or just to amuse vanity, it is enough to go to a dating site or prihoroshitsya and to see the light. She knows exactly what is required to get their share of attention, if he wants it. The man does not have any guarantees. He always runs the risk of hearing "no." Men never know at what point they are lucky in love, especially if they are shy or too beautiful.

Society expects from the man that he will be successful in dealing with zhenschinamiNravitsya it or not, most of the men are expected experience with women than vice versa. The youths, who can flirt and chat with the girls, look the heroes in the eyes of his friends, while girls, too actively communicating with the male sex, often condemned by their friends jealous. < Men in the youth get a hidden message that they should be ashamed if they can not attract the attention of women.

Imagine that guy buddies is now in the bar. What are the chances that he would dare to approach you? Rather, he hesitate to do it, not to be "rebuffed" in front of friends. And how should a man feel that gets rejected? Perhaps he never typed courage to approach someone else. It can start to think about himself: "I am not fit anywhere, I jerk»

. So, before you say something like: "I will never meet a man who has enough courage to come to me", think about how a lot of courage to do this, actually. If you are doing a boring person, or turn your back, it may be a wonderful person, but Never for you will not work.

Men are encouraged to be independent and do not ask for pomoschiEsli woman asks for help, usually it can not be afraid that it will be condemned for it. However, many men who have grown up with the belief that a man should be strong and independent, she scares the opportunity to recognize that they do not know all the answers. In private life is particularly problematic. It is believed that a man be ashamed to seek help in learning the art of communication with the opposite sex. This makes it difficult for men to improve and become more attractive partners. Think about the feeling of hopelessness felt by an inexperienced man looking at opponents, dazzling natural charm.

Men are not too well versed in people worse than men developed intuition and social skills, which gives women an advantage in communication. The roots of the differences are in the deep past, when the survival of women had to rely more on social skills than on brute force. The average woman is better versed in people, building a better dialogue and more dynamic in the ability to "read people" than the average man. The next time you meet a guy, not too good social reading tips, do not be too harsh to him.

From the male point of view, a woman needs only to look good, to find partnёraV general, they To some somewhat right. A woman can prihoroshitsya and pick up a man every night a week - if it so wishes. Of course, thus it is unlikely to get a man of your dreams, but it was not exactly left without a catch.

Look at it from the point of view of men. He does not see what you all evening trying to attract the attention of liked the guy, and you instead just glued some Gopnik. He sees a pretty girl, which looks and which is trying to start a conversation half the bar. What needs to be deposited in his mind? "God, it's so easy for women!»

Men are sometimes difficult to understand what really wants zhenschinaPoka boy grows up, he hears from all sides: "Be a gentleman." "Treat women with all possible respect." "Always skip ahead of her." And then what happens to a man, always following these tips? He is the best friend!

It is not surprising that men do not understand women's desires. < everywhere comes contradictory information Not every mother will give advice. "My son, open the car door for her and pododvin her chair, and then be brutal with her in the bedroom." Young men are compelled to guess themselves, and often do it wrong. Remember, sometimes the guy does not know what to do, simply because they hear conflicting advice all my life.

Believe it or not you are in that during the dating advantage in men, but the in these seven areas, without question, women have the upper hand. And the next time you disappoint indecision Man, remember that men experiencing a certain social pressure. Be a little more understanding and compassion, and you get a more pleasant experience and a more successful relationship.

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