Soviet PIROZHENKO that we still can not forget

When we were little and went to kindergarten there was nothing tastier than those pirozhenok! However, they battered us every day (many sweets can not be!), And from time to time - and that's when there came a real treat. Do you remember their unforgettable taste? Revision Website plunged into a pleasant nostalgic, recalling the most delicious PIROZHENKO Soviet times.


Photo source: Pikabu.ruEto cake prepared choux dough and used as a filling cream or custard

. It cost eclair 22 kopecks.


Sand basket sold everywhere and was no less loved by Soviet boys and girls than eclair. Most often decorated with baskets of mushrooms cream. Hats from fungi were dough. These hats were eaten in the first place.

Price - 22 kopecks

Tubes with cream kremom

. Tasty and very simple cake. For the generation born in the USSR in the 1960s - 1980s. - Puff tube with mouth-watering protein cream was a real delicacy

. Price - 22 kopecks


. Cake "Potato" - one of the iconic dishes of Soviet cuisine. Legendary potato - a favorite delicacy of Soviet children
. Impregnated brandy, popular any longer, producing almost every Soviet town, it was the most delicious and the most beloved.

Price 16 to 18 cents.

Shortbread ring orehami

Excellent lunch Soviet schoolboy or student - a sand ring nuts. To get the best taste of the Soviet chefs use only peanuts! Undulating Korzhik strewn on top of nuts can be eaten as a tea, and milk.

Korzhik-ring - 8 cents

Lemon pirozhnye

. One of the favorite sweet treats were lemon cake with soft acidity. The undeniable advantage of this sweet treat was to use the most simple and affordable products that can be found in any Soviet deli.

Price - 22 kopecks

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