15 postulates a real woman

1. This woman is aware of how lucky she was born a woman.

2. The more a woman of their favorite activities or hobbies, the less her chances to engage in other people's affairs.

3. A woman should not hurry to be a vest with tears and complaints from hapless men. Men's problems should be solved themselves men.

4. If a woman wants to look good when a chance encounter, she must learn to look good always. Even taking out the trash. A habit - will be destiny.

5. The money the woman should treat it easily: if they have it there, it should be able to spend it, but if not, should not grieve.
6. A woman should know his own worth, but you never want to call it.

7. Do not rush to get rid of neponravivshegosya gentleman. The more men surrounded a woman, the more attractive it is for everyone else. Wait. Sooner or later, this circle will get whoever you want.

8. If a woman does not want to answer a specific question, it is enough meaningful smile. Yes, and in many other cases, the smile disarmingly acts.

9. Tears powerful weapon women, but it should be used as sparingly as possible. Constantly crying woman is not compassion, and irritation.

10. A woman can be versatile educated and well read. But without the ability to conduct conversations "about everything and anything," she did not pass for an interesting conversationalist.

11. A woman should not right off the bat immediately declare all its dignity. The more people underestimate her at first, the greater her chances to win in the end.

12. Men's affection? There is nothing easier! From the very beginning Teach a man to spend your money and free time. The main thing is that men are much more appreciated that give than what they get.

13. A woman who knows how to please, not to avoid gossip. But this is the case when you do not need to listen to public opinion. Head up! Better to be a coquette than gossip.

14. In order to maintain the tone of the woman from time to time should be something in life to change: gloves, work, husbands. If the work and her husband were lucky, more often change gloves.

15. When a woman feels like a woman, it's never too late to start over.


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